Is crossrealm thing a bug or a feature?

Care you gonna report to the people complaint about not being able to get honor

Do you honestly believe that?

Kaivax. I beg you. I BEG YOU. PLEASE, go read the BG forums. It’s like a war out here. We’re calling in the airstrike, y’all aren’t asking for our coordinates. We need some serious help out here. This Bg situation on such a short pre-patch date is literally killing the experience. And, maybe not too important for you, but for the shareholders. There’s people not using boost strictly for the fact of now they can’t get their BG gear. I, and the rest of the community are begging for a response.

Absolutely embarrassing launch by your people. Probably a corporate thing but damn… never seen a launch handled this poorly. Now fix the honor system that you guys have totally messed up on both ends.

Fix the bg honor now please, this is not how it was back then…

Update: I’m mistaken about the hotfix having been applied earlier. The bug is still active and we’ll hotfix it soon.

Cross-realm is not intended.


Noone cares, give us a chance to get pvp gear for TBC. More Honor please.

Thank you Kaivax. Have a good day!

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Now how about address the problem that 90% of forums posts are talking about?


Thanks for the fix still! I know you guys are working really hard and just know that we appreciate it.

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Thank you!

Scared me thinking that TBC was ruined and becoming more like retail

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Revert the Honor changes?

reply to the bg threads

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That is absolutely not what he meant.

Hey can you push the hotfix to retail as well, thanks :laughing:


Reply to the other issue please.

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Fix the honor, or at least acknowledge some one about it. what the hell is wrong with you?


This has got to be a sick joke. Look, I get it. You’re fed up of hearing/seeing it. But ALL we want is a simple reply to the issue. Is there ANYTHING in the works, or preparations being made for a remedy to what has become the single reason I have EVER come to the forums to make a post, or participate in posting since I have started the game. PLEASE, and many, MANY thanks.

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They really trying to straight ignore the giant elephant in the room and address THIS instead lol.

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Love how this guy is completely ignoring Thousands of Players to respond to this…

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