Is crossrealm thing a bug or a feature?

I’d like to know before investing into the game.
Not a big fan of crossrealm, got that in retail already, I play tbc/classic for old experience.



There was a bug in Burning Crusade Classic that made it possible to invite player-characters from other realms. The bug was fixed it several hours ago.

We’re working on a fix.

Have fun out there!


IT’S NOT FIXED. Asmongold is doing it right now. Check his VOD from the last hour where he did a ZG with people from other realms and even traded loot drops with them. May 20th at 2PM EST for evidence. He JUST tested it at 3:11PM EST and he invited someone that whispered him and it still works after reading the blue post saying it was fixed.

Kaivax has replied below saying the hotfix will go out soon.


Thank you.

Have you fixed BGs crashing and locking people to Raid IDs?


Thank you.

Will you be adjusting the honor received in battlegrounds during prepatch?


Yo reply to the massive BG thread

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This was not fixed. You cant invite them through the friends list. But you can type /invite name-realm and it invites them still


He’s probably been instructed by the mindless drones above him not to do that.

Can you fix HKs now ?

Kaivax doesn’t choose what to respond to. He doesn’t seem to even unilaterally choose how to word the posts. He’s a mouthpiece.


Thank you, know could you check the Honors´ math post? The one that is named "How we REALLY got our TBC honor (with sources)

Not fixed. Doing BGs with someone from another realm right now.

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Reply to people about the honor nerf… you and your buddy andycloud made ffs…

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Proven to still work as of now, but okay.

Exposed by the Bald man



We did it boys. Dodged the biggest bullet of them all, the one with “XR-LFR” etched on the shell.

Thanks for the fix!

Why does a quick post like this get a reply while the massive druid posts are still left unanswered?
Can we at least get a confirmation that you see those posts?

It’s not fixed you shills.

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