Is council still about?

Sorry to say but it feels that Blizzard representatives have been less active here lately.
Is this project still useful and alive?


Yes! Very much so.

This week, we happen to be in what looks like a lull, because so much focus is on behind-the-scenes work. We’re spinning up the next round of new invites to the Council, which means we’ve been cataloguing and vetting and sorting through the thousands of applications. That also means that players who joined the Council in the first couple of months of 2023 will depart, and that’s a different set of behind-the-scenes work.

For the devs, there’s currently a lot of focus on upcoming content that is not yet being publicly examined. That will shift in the coming weeks, as we reveal some things and re-open our public test realms and then commit to the exchange of details and feedback that come with it.


Glad to hear cannot wait to start seeing some new things to discuss.

Apologies Kaivax, but what about all the other topics that have been made before last week?
I can sorta get that the majority is working on the new content but there is quite a bit of attention needed on current and previous content.

There is a big wish for a dialogue and or a revisited vision about the Zaralek Cavern and Forbidden Reach.

PvP and the current honor system feels neglected, it would be nice to have a PvP developer look at the threads that have been made recently about this.

There is a big debate about mythic raids and M+ rewards currently among CC members and also beyond that. I’d hope for some vision that the developers have that can be shared on this topic.

We’ve been asked to give feedback on holidays, which a lot did, but it kind of feels like it fell on deaf ears? It would help a lot to actually have an open conversation about this.

There is a big confusion and misunderstanding about the Community Council project in general, it would help the project and us, the people who partake in if it there could be an additional explanation in a sort of Q&A style of common misconceptions.

The Live Chats that we’ve been having, have so far only been about current or up coming content, but we havent really been able to speak about the actual back bone of the game with the developers, which is what a lot of us have been signed up for and provide feedback on, as well as a lot of people on the GD forums in both EU and NA.

I have 14 days left as of writing this message in the Community Council, I hope to see at least one of the aforementioned happen. I understand it all takes time, and that you specifically can’t answer them. I appreciate you and what you do :slight_smile:


:dracthyr_cry_animated: I"m from the first council. So I think…it’s my turn to quit.

Is this why this patch has been just left to die until the next one is released? Then we’ll get a couple weeks of changes until the next patch? Big balance issues in PvP and nothing gets done.


These were all great points and things I wish were being mentioned.

I do feel a lot of stuff that has been talked about lately has been falling on deaf ears. Or atleast. We are not being informed that the issues are heard.


There have been plenty of changes, alterations to content because of the comments, information we provide.

The comments of falling on deaf ears is an over used attempt at forcing responses that many people have used repeatedly.

Half the time it seems some of the C.C. expect everything ever discussed to be responded too.
Mainly because its important to them. Which is great.
Except everything is important to someone.

Where are the lines drawn in a reality of what the conversation really is between Blizzard and us C.C. members.

If its not generalizations, conjecture. If you can provide facts, proof of concept. Things get addressed directly or indirectly.

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So getting asked to ask in a CC forum by a potential non-CC member when a potential road map is going to be released is a valuable use of CC forum space? You could have just @'d a CM in the discord for that.

At least you got a blue response for something that was already going to be provided eventually.


It’s interesting that there are so many people who are feeling the same thing, yet here you are saying it’s all untrue.

It’s a fact that there has been little to no communication between Blizzard and it’s player base, what I summed up literally proves just that.

If the community council is just there as an extra echo chamber of what is already written on other forum sections, then it’s a waste of recourses and energy.

Community managers are suppose to narrow the bridge between developers and the playerbase, the fact that we only see 1 on the NA posting once in a blue moon is quite frankly ridiculous, and this is not to insult Kaivax, I can tell hes doing what he can. The EU has even less than what NA does, so how can you say that the feeling and the notion that it stuff falls on deaf ears is basically just a trick to get a response? It has been Blizzard, then Blizzard Activision King and then Microsoft their choice to keep cutting CS and CM budget, so ofcourse we’re going to feel like we’re screaming in the void.

There is a very obvious line between wanting more interaction and “expecting almost everything being answered”, noone asks for that, are you even reading stuff that gets posted here or are you just reading subjectively?

Honestly, it feels like we’re both in a different CC project as you seemingly think everything is alright. I don’t feel like a massive company like Microsoft Blizzard needs defending on their years of lack of communication with their playerbase when it has been proven that it’s been part of the success of certain things.


I would also like to add that, Recon, I have not seen you provide an ounce of constructive feedback or criticism during your tenure so far.

You have always been asking questions as if to try to get others to provide feedback for you and I recall telling you that you seemed like you had an idea of what kind of feedback you wanted to give and asked you to provide it but you went radio silent.

Asking other people to answer questions like you’re a step in CM is not our purpose. We are to provide feedback whether constructive or critical, not to pressure ourselves into answering questions every drop of the dime on ever thread we make like this is a critical theory course. This is not a paid job but an unpaid side gig for something we’re passionate about and we shouldn’t be grilled on our support or criticism for something.

Again this is not a critical theory course and every time you drop a question in my thread it does the opposite of what I believe your intention is (to drum up discussion). In fact it kills the threads discussion because you’re not providing feedback and asking us to fill in the blanks of a questionnaire so to speak. Quite frankly its frustrating and I’m sure a lot of my fellow CC members can agree.


There isnt a single moment of what I said that stipulated that Blizzard is meeting a desired quota of responses.
They can and should do as much as they can to address real game issues.

Which they don’t


I do hope that in the coming times of this council, whether some of us remain that volunteered to stay on do or not and for the new members coming on… That Blizzard is more responsive.

Some of the threads here, go back a long time and are still actively discussed within and have never seen a blue presence. Even if it’s the “We don’t agree here.” statement. Radio silence isn’t a good thing, especially when a place is supposed to be about discussions. It just leads to many people wondering the same question that this very post asked “Why and should we exist? What is our purpose?” You pass butter meme

I definitely agree with this statement.


I agree with the general feeling of almost isolation. It is hard to tell if the posts in the forums are even read by the related dev team. It is unclear what the limitations are how devs can post if it has to go through some PR approval first or if they can freely post. If the latter is it completely optional? Is there a fear of player response (which can be admittingly scary) or is it not wanting to give a personal thought but then it being misinterpreted as a promise to add something?

In the original WoW community council post it was mentioned that “some topics may be started by Blizzard developers and community managers.” and I appreciate our community managers but I’d love to see the developers start more threads. I am not sure if it is because they don’t want to reveal too much of what is being worked on?

The last thread I could find started by a dev was this from Nov 2023: Rare Elites in Zaralek Caverns and Forbidden Reach

The last thread I could find where a dev asked for feedback was May 2023: Feedback: Mythic+


Oh I remember this thread all too well and to this day it still strikes a nerve. The devs actively asked for our feedback and then completely ignored it which I’m sure sent a wave of shocked pikachu faces to everyone who has born witness to that threads existence.

It’s a double edge sword for me ever since that thread. They ask for our feedback but do they really want it? Is asking for it a way to spread the illusion of “We’re listening” before not doing anything at all in regards to the feedback given? The thread personally snuffed out a light of hope in me and made me question what our purpose was in a follow up thread a few days after they had made a decision to take their own feedback instead of listening to ours.

Part of me still holds onto hope that, that thread was just a singular instance, a flaw in the system that was allowed to slip through. But my tenure potentially ends in a month or so and I’ve reapplied because I want to be proven wrong while also continuing to try to voice the communities concern and provide feedback.