Is Blizzard ever going to address the bad implementation of the Community Council?

It’s v simple, you quote the thread and you prolly get answers and can begin a discussion, same way this thread did.


If there is anything you like the CC to post about, you can message us about it. If you bring up a good point about something that you care about, I will post it, as I have done before and some of us have too.

We can’t know what you care about if you don’t speak up.

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I can attest to the summoning ritual working. Many a times my threads have been linked and many a times I have answered the call!


A bit like Beta forums specific feedback on all content. Sometime it feels issues are more determined by the current youtube trends than anything else rather than have an ever discussion on the content.

Having semi-moderated threads with a leading discussion could also help.

We asked for this, they wont do it

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We’ve asked for similar threads, but the answer has been that they want us to guide the topics. I agree that target threads are usually a better way to gather feedback, but we’ve also had cases of Blizzard asking for target feedback (after Blizzcon for example) and then getting the feeling of that feedback going straight to the void when it’s just us saying what we think about something (ex BlizzCon – What’s Next after Dragonflight)

I can confirm we’ve been asking for more moderation both on the forums and in our discord. I can tell you right now there are only 2 CM’s in the discord; down from 3. (Bornakk departed)

We’re kind of just left to our own devices at this point and it’s uncertain if things will get altered in the foreseeable future with the latest shake up at HQ.

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I mean using the forums is pretty much screaming into the void at this point if you participate in them you need to understand that there was never any guarantee that Blizzard will use your feedback. But often with enough of it that can make changes happen… like with the current legendary.

In many ways the lack of activity and back and forth in the CC forums probably doesn’t help it gain views and impact.

They probably need more people to make it interesting enough.

The issue is, out of the 100 CC members, 20 post, if not less. It’s not being moderated at all, and it never has.

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I mean there probably should be a quota of post or feedback to meet each months if you want to be in but that’s just me.

This was not the case with ZC/FR rares though. There was huge backlash both among CC members and General Discussion and blizz stuck to their guns despite asking for feedback. We gave them the feedback they asked for and they ignored it completely.


Feedback doesn’t mean that they will act upon it in a good way. ZC rares situation is better gameplay-wise nowadays as you can meet more people easily since less rares are up at the same time. But I understand this might be worse for players that preferred to have all rares available all the times even if it didn’t make much sense.

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In a world where saying the wrong thing on a public forum can get you in trouble with your boss or fired from your job, devs literally can’t and shouldn’t be candid and open with players on the forums. The safest thing to do is not to do anything at all.

Hence, closer to zero communication


You misunderstand that the intent isn’t to have this feedback be acted upon immediately. It’s to have a back and forth with the devs to provide a reason for why these things are happening.

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The changes were never asked for in the first place and they make going back to collect past things horrendous. Blizz saw an issue of their own making and made it worse.

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Hey Nobully,

can only speak on my behalf here, but usually I read a lot of the GD Topics and other sub forums. While I don’t interact much in GD as discussion tend to derail a lot when we reply (atleast from my observation) I still value any feedback and consider them when I feel like posting on something in the CC Forums. By any means, for me, we all in this together and should work together on issues in the game by giving feedback.

On a note, sometimes there is just not the time to read all forums all the time and reply - I try to keep up with it the best I can.


I get why you say that, and I agree that people who are inactive should not be there. However, you set a quota and it becomes a job. It also means people feel forced to make a thread, or comment on threads, JUST to hit a quota, not to offer real feedback.

I think I only made one thread when I was on the CC and it was basically asking for solo dungeons Dungeon and Raid Solo Accessibility for Old & Current Content , although I did comment on several. The big topics were always raiding/mythics or PvP which I don’t do. Alternately some were niche things I don’t have a lot to do with so my comment would not help.

Forced participation is not real participation. Frequent interaction with the Council, and removing those who don’t want to be active, would be better in my opinion.

It would mean having an active Blue participation in the Council though which is not really something they followed through on.

How frustrating. A mix of the two is optimal really. Zero guidance and no replies or interaction leaves folks just as lost and ineffective as no interaction in a guided feedback thread. At least the focused feedback has the info in one place and encourages input from all of the backgrounds vs a PvP thread where a casual no PvPer like me was not going to comment.


I’ve always been convinced that the CC was just a publicity stunt.

To make it look like Blizzard cared about player feedback, rather than actually take it into meaningful account.

Or point at it when something goes wrong.

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Sorry if my comments on the ZC/FR debacle come off as aggressive but this was a topic of change I tried so hard to fight to get corrected. The change a week after 10.1’s release was unnecessary and I pointed out early on in the CC forums how it was going to kill the zone. Then surprise pikachu face in Novemeber they notice no ones going there so they think it’s okay to make it even worse.


I don’t think this was given as a guarantee with the CC the CC is just a higher visible forums with sometime some dev interaction.

I personally disagree that it was made much worse. I think the current model is much more natural and won’t overwhelm players and make them head out when they get an overload of ping on their map because tons of rares are up. Seeing one or 2 rares up might be more tempting to see if someone else might want to do one of those.

Nothing wrong with that, nobody force you to be a CC member. If you want to be part of something you often get obligations.