Is BFA really worse than WOD?

I keep seeing people saying that BFA is the worst expansion ever… but is it truely worse than WOD?

BFA seems waaaaay better than WOD was.

I mean I still remember when a selfie cam and twitter integration was a patch’s content. Is BFA really that bad for people? Or are people just complaining to complain?

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Up until 8.1, yeah. It remains to be seen what comes from 8.2 and beyond.

Yeah, but I remeber enjoying playing my class at that time, even carrying around a silly selfi cam. WOD > BFA, just for that fact though there is plenty of other reasons


Class design and pvp were superior in WoD, imo. Raids were fun. Blizz just quit on it too soon.


Yes it is!!! BY FAR!!!


The biggest problem I saw with WoD was they kind of stopped and changed direction midstream. And there wasn’t a whole lot to do at 100 if you didn’t raid. Other than that the zones were great, the storylines were more consistent and my characters played better (for me anyway).



They both have/had different issues so I don’t see why people like to compare them so much


No. People just like being sensationalist and all trying to out-do themselves on who can make the stronger “I hate BFA” statement.


Whether a fan of 8.2 or not, it offers so much more than any patch of WoD. Up until this patch, I argued that WoD had better content, BfA more content.

Now, I’d say BfA is more fun by a long shot–for the time being at least. I really hated Tanaan dailies, though enjoy the new ones.

No, BFA is horrible, but it’s not quite ‘WoD’ horrible, yet.

The only better thing about WoD was class design. That expansion is WoW’s lowest point ever.

there was no patch with only the selfie camera. The class situation is what is hurting bfa. That and the heart isn’t as engaging as the artifacts of legion.

Class design wile better leaves a sour taste because they nerfed demo into the ground because “we don’t want you playing demo”… only to turn it into the train wreck that it was in legion.

I don’t think it is worse but the gap between the two isn’t very large.

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No, people stupidly exaggerate, but BfA, while better, is at about the same tier as WoD.

You just can’t put out a selfie/Twitter .2 patch. Can’t beat that.

Opinions, we all have 'em.
Just gonna cause yourself a head ache trying to understand anything related to GD lol

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Bfa is by far the worst expansion, even if you decide to judge it by class design alone.

When your class isn’t fun the game isn’t fun. Even in WoD I played Pvp a lot. I can’t do it in bfa, because as a healer I need an ability to disengage like other classes.

Plus the latest battleground added is perhaps the worst single instance ever added to the game.


i loved ashran, i played everynight in wod, legion i was also on every night… bfa i play 1 night a week for about 4 hrs. This week i have played more than any other , and played 2 days in a row for about 5 hours each day… be back to 1 night next week though

WoD was awful, but it was better than BFA’s class design.

I’m not praising it at all, it was a huge downgrade from MoP, but even WoD’s terrible state had more nuance to it than Legion/BFA.

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I was in two guilds and on two raid teams in WoD. I was in those same guilds and on those same raid teams until BfA, when both guilds and both raid teams died.

I think people generally agree that WoD sucked because it had a LACK of content, but that the content it DID have was pretty solid (barring mixed opinions on mission tables if you count that as content).

Whereas BfA has a LOT of content but lots of people don’t enjoy most of it. Warfronts? Garbage. Islands? Garbage. Dungeons? Designed for MDI therefore Garbage. Raids? Meh. World Quests? WAAAH TIMEGATING (as if dailies weren’t time gated before World Quests).

My PERSONAL opinion is that BfA is far superior to WoD.

Do Warfronts and Islands suck? Yeah 100%, but they’re also totally optional so I can’t really count that against the xpack. And Warfronts are a solid idea. Maybe Heroics will be better? Are those available yet?

But the dungeons? They’re totally fine. People are annoyed because they have to kill some trash and because things like dispels/purges/interrupts/occasionally kiting actually matter more than they did in Legion, as if making the run more involved is somehow a bad thing catering to eSports. It’s not. It’s good. As far as Mythic+ is concerned, it’s ALWAYS been mostly about the Trash barring a couple specific bosses out of dozens. People shouldn’t be surprised that it’s still leaning heavily in that direction.

The raids? I haven’t liked the environments, but the encounters themselves are at the very least on par with what Blizzard usually puts out. Uldir was standard fare for an entry raid, BoD was solid in general then had really cool fights in Mekkatorque and Jaina, CoS was interesting for both bosses.

World Quests? Well, I have my complaints about the way they’ve replaced proper Daily Hubs since Legion, but 8.2 pulls off a good mix, and as far as time gating is concerned, it’s a pointless argument. Dailies are time gated by definition. It’s standard for rep grinds to be gated. People are just for some reason more aware about it happening lately, as if it’s somehow offensive.

And the big one? Class Design.

My opinion on that one is just that people are aware that BfA is worse than Legion because most things didn’t change and they just lost their ‘Legiondaries’ and Artifact Abilities as baseline things. Because of that, people think Class Design sucks, even if they fully enjoyed the same specs in Legion, which IMO is just silly. Yes, you lost a button if it’s not the best talent. But the design is more or less the same. It plays the same in most cases.

And I think most people like Legion’s class design more than WoD, so people ranting about Class Design being worse than then really feel like they’re just looking for reasons to be mad about [current xpack] to me.

I mean, WoD had Arms Warriors literally using Whirlwind as single target filler. What the hell?