Is AV Zerg really the version blizzard is releasing!?

Hate this company sometimes…

And you know what, thats fine. However, you already have that iteration of AV. In BFA.

Yes yes, the reinforcements are there. But what purpose do they serve? To make games not last long. If you dont want the reinforcements it’s because you want to make games longer. And thats why we want old AV too. To make it longer. Not just because there’s lack of reinforcements, but because there’s also stronger NPCs too.

“update” to a bad map would make sense if you were judging through the preferences of a retail player. But we arent on retail.

Well no…

Do you genuinely not understand how much reinforcements screwed up AV?

And did you also know how much nerfing of NPCs screwed up AV as well?

I’m not sure what you’re arguing here. If you want “fast” AVs, retail’s the way to go. If you want slower AV’s where you’d actually do some PVP, you’d want 1.5, or 1.8 or something.

Retail AV’s would likely be slower than 1.5 AV. You should probably educate yourself on this topic before commenting further.

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In Alterac Valley, that puts us before the introduction of reinforcements. It puts us before the removal of all of the Commanders and Lieutenants. The only win conditions are the killing of Drek’thar in Frostwolf Keep or Vanndar Stormpike in Dun Baldar. Alterac Valley in Classic

Does anybody even read before they complain?

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They don’t have old AV. It would have to be painstakingly recreated.

TBC was a thing before wow even launched, they were working on it even before vanilla was live.

I love the original version. I didn’t care if I was stuck in there for hours without it ending. The reason is because it was fun. People need to not care so much about the rep grind or getting gear and just have fun. Long epic battles that go back and forth made the original AV one of the best things to ever be in World of Warcraft and we need it back.

That’s just like, your opinion man.

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15th anniversary AV would like a word with you.
Early AV was literally “painstakingly recreated” already, and rather than done so for classic, was done for retail. It is even “capped” at L60. It now exists in all of it’s glory, and simply needs to be used in classic.

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they comfirmed it since the begining of classic development when they said they will be using 1.12 patch data

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undead mage

They also confirmed many years ago, multiple times, that we would not be getting vanilla back.

And you still haven’t. You’ve got Classic, which has vanilla systems with modern players. It will never be 2004 again, unless you hop in a Delorian and source 1.21 gigawatts of power.

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1.21 Gigawatts?!

I just want an AV with PvP in it. I guess that’s not going to happen.

Honesty, Blizz hit the nail on the head accidently by sticking with 1.12. AV zerg will be another “catch-up” mechanic to those who are a part of pre-mades.

Why not just give us the anniversary AV?

Seriously why is this even a debate?

If you want fast games etc then play WSG/AB. That’s what those are for, AV is not.

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I came back and chose Alliance purely for old AV. If you ruin this for me blizz, I’m out with the rest that are going to leave.

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