IS Alliance Dead ?!

I feel that the state of the alliance is best expressed in a montage by the great thesbian Deforest Kelley:

Pretty much made alliance obsolete.

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No they don’t. Cope harder and go back to your pve server. In fact go back to retail

OW PVP doesn’t matter… that is why people flock to the realm that their population dominates because they want to do PVE uncontested…

Blizzard should just stop making PVP servers…

Don’t think so.

The game can often feel dead right now because you’re at the end of a patch- A lot of people are on breaks, or simply not running content because they don’t need anything. We just went months with 3 real bosses and heroic progression only, it’s not surprising people aren’t running the content anymore.

I logged in to WoW classic P5/6 and sometimes would be one of a only a handful in major cities (on a populated realm), game feels much more alive than classic did at later phases. I think TBC is much better off (though not perfect) when it comes to keeping players entertained.

I just came back after 6 months off, retail is absolute tripe elitism, so i decided to come back for TBC, however not wanting to play my Rogue or Priest i decided on my Mage.

I forgot I can’t even go to TBC til 58!

I am running around trying to level up nobody around, sat in AV que for over 2 hours never popped…

I am starting to think this was a mistake to comeback, as unless you are already 70 / geared / in a big guild you are going to play Single Player WoW!

Thanks to the boost, and boosting in general the Old World actually is dead. You’re best bet is aoe grinding or questing until 58. Outlands isn’t great either for alts, nothing like the first 2 months, but still alive.


Good to know thanks

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