IS Alliance Dead ?!

I never said alliance is dead, I was just pointing out the inaccuracies in your post.

Thanks to your argument, there is no imbalance.
We can move on with our lives.

Never thought the alliance would make my best argument against alliance being dead.

I have noticed a significant appearance of decline in overall population on my server. I don’t have numbers but when I logged in my one time a week to raid Saturday night Shat was significantly more empty (horde and alliance). There has been no new content added, maybe all the horde were in BGs instead of waiting for a queue? My server has been horde dominated for awhile now and it seems to be getting worse. No one has actual experience of population over the entire game, they make comments based on observations. Sure the number of characters make it look balanced. How often are those alliance players logged in? How many alliance raid log because they are on a horde run PVP server and its pointless to try and farm in the open world. How many in that list of numbers are mains and not alts? I provided an argument but you only live in a world of absolutes and can actually support your statistics.

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That will be a Spacegoat with Huge Shoulders!

When Classic launched it was before "Trinkets " Pvp Gear, so Horde naturally already have PvP race abilities, WotF was super OP at the time as nobody had a trinket but them, Tauren Stomp.

So Horde started way higher.

If you’re talking about Earthfury I’m on your server and know something of the situation. Some alliance guilds have left. There’s a whole story I won’t get into but that’s part of the lesser ally pop.

I’m not happy about this balance shift at all and have posted about it elsewhere. I play both sides. Dungeon/raid entrances are typically horde-owned. Things like the Spirit Towers and Halaa are getting more one-sided (horde). I can still find World PVP skimishes and one of my favorite things to do right now is farm with my ally. I go out in full PVP gear and spec and farm and a lot of the times when I get jumped even at low health/mana I manage to fight back and win. I find that extremely fun, but if you never wanted a PVP battle yeah it can be tough. However, I still get attacked by the other side on both my horde and alliance and a lot of my ally friends love ganking horde.

My horde guild has around 35% of the active population it used to. So many of my guildies raid log and honestly, I don’t think T5 will make that better. They will likely raid but otherwise continue to raid log with the odd dungeon here and there.

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I am, its the only server I play on. I remember leveling in TBC and getting ganked by roaming groups of 5ish horde over and over. Before I started only raid logging once a week I would go to the spirit towers long enough to get my daily done and fly away because there was just too many horde to try and deal with. What we have on Earthfury is not world PVP, it’s a one sided massacre in most engagements.

Yeah well like I said I play both sides so I know what you mean.

I have 3 level 70 characters (2 horde 1 ally) and when I’m available at the reset times I like to get the quest done with all 3. Yesterday I could only complete with one horde character because every tower had 3+ horde at it including the one that always and still had 30+ horde at it. It was super annoying. In the past I have actually stayed with ally and fought for the towers which we sometimes won but It’s clear there’s been a population shift In the last 2 weeks and that’s just from looking at the towers, everything else shows this too.

Anyway it sucks what you’re dealing with. I don’t even attack alliance on my horde anymore in the world unless they attack first etc.

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yes, the alliance is dead, and it’s a good thing. if they didnt want their faction to die, they should have simply played better.

Yea Whitemane is still solid.

I’m willing to bet when Benediction becomes 80/20 all those Horde came to Whitemane.

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They didn’t think about racial balance cause the game wasn’t created with PvP in mind, and they didn’t think people would min max to the degree they have since the game was made in part to be a counter to the min maxing present in Everquest at the time. The racials were just added for some additional flavor.

That said, they knew they were adding arena in TBC, and they saw that PvP became bigger than they thought it would be. They should have balanced them better for TBC.

Just so you know, 2 more large Alliance guilds just left Earthfury for Benediction.

Alliance player here.

They need to remove the PvE to PvP transfer restriction.

See this thread:

Until prepatch WOTLK when they offer another 1 time boost!

It’s almost like people know the meta before choosing thier faction.

Alliance isnt the meta in WOTLK.

You are right. It’s actually pretty even in PvE, but human dominates the PvP ladder much like undead do right now.

Na, every man for himself is really over hyped.

Orc is still #1, it already has 3 trinkets and in WOTLK it gets buffed further by removing the heal debuff.

Every man for himself doesnt beat Blood Fury until Late ICC Trinkets.

I encourage you to go look at warmane’s PvP ladder.

Much like TBCC mirrors what we in the PvP community saw on endless.

edit: and yes it gets stronger later, its strong at the start as well.

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I agree its the “best” racial but it really doesnt beat Blood Fury until the end of WOTLK.

Orc can be almost any class like humans.

Hardiness gets changed to a flat 15% reduction in stun duration (which can be stacked) meaning it will always work.

Beast cleave becomes an "S"tier comp in WOTLK and orcs get +5% pet damage still.

Blood fury is better than any starting trinket with the amount of AP or Spell Power it gives at max level and the heal debuff is removed.