IS Alliance Dead ?!

Horde Population is bigger than alliance,how thats happened?


It will continue to die.


i think so,i think it Happened

81,000 to 96,000
It’s really not.

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I’m guessing more people hit the horde races on the creation screen.

Smaller does not equal dead fyi.


Now do that for pvp servers only.


Well, when a male orc and a female orc love each other…



Tolerable, it’s why I rerolled.
Target rich environment.

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I mean we already know the outcome, we can just look at retail, where alliance is dead except we have all the information for each xpac already so I think Alliance will just die faster than they did on live.


what happens when orc and draener love each other?will a tauren come out? xD

What happened? HvH BGs. Absolutely no reason to roll Alliance now when Horde have every single advantage.


The PVE alliance have no real reason to stop playing/reroll especially those on “healthy” PVE servers. Some allies on the imbalanced PVP servers could quit or reroll instead of transferring though, especially the PVP-minded types. Another one of my ally friends who’s a fan of PVP quit last night. :frowning:

I’ve talked about my opinions on the server stuff and HvH in other threads so no reason to do it again here.

One good thing about this HvH is I’m actually winning BGs again on my ally and am finally capping my AB marks/honor while getting the loot boxes. A lot of the horde queuing up right now seem to be totally undergeared or the wrong spec and they die fast. So that part is nice anyway.


Now that horde got their pacifier HvH battlegrounds, why would anyone play alliance?


PvP servers will never be balanced. At least not long term, idk how you suggest blizzard magically fix it, when it’s really just human nature to want to be the dominant faction. There are alliance heavy servers, and horde heavy servers, nothing is going to stay 50/50


Oh I don’t expect it to be balanced and I 100% agree.

I think the advantages of horde were too strong for people not to flock to that faction and all that did was snowball every expansion until it was finally balanced much later but by then it was too late the majority is already that faction.

This is no different from retail Alliance being dead there aside from having one or two servers that they control.

Yes it’s true. Alliance are all dead. Only servers you’ll find Alliance is Benediction, Whitemane, Grobbulas, Faerlina and Pagle.

Whitemane is now 61% horde.

All the benediction horde are xfering here.

But I expected it to be like this.

Simple answer, HvH BGs, I hope the Horde enjoy the absolute mess they made.

Great job everone! you just killed an entire faction with a single change, it is a new record!

But you have instant queues so who cares if the game is one step closer to retail.


HvH bgs is a quality change, the only better option would be delete racials and scramble the teams and let horde and alliance play on the same team in bgs

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So is Cross Realm LFD and Dual Spec. So by that logic, bring those on too.