IS Alliance Dead ?!

Dual spec absolutely 150% yes, people would love this.

No one wants LFD though, trying to say they are anywhere near the same is just not true.


They woud both solve the problem of players having to wait to finish content. The logic is that if HvH was introduced because players had to wait to do content,than any change that reduces the potential for player to have to wait to do content is a valid change that should be made to the game.


That’s a garbage argument lol. Not all things are the same.

They added flight paths, they might as well add LFR! That is how silly you sound.

Weirdly enough, different things are different

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Hmmm, and exactly what content do the lack of Flightpaths prevent you from completing exactly?

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Your entire point was basically trolling that well X thing saves people time, it should be implemented.

So I pointed out how bad that argument is by using a similar concept.

But then again I have literally never seen you post anything real on the forums, so feel free to carry on with bad faith arguments :slight_smile:

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Yes, we can enjoy it now, that it was made fair for both sides. It is not Horde’s problem that Ally pop is suffering, but since they didnt find any other solution, sure, you would let Horde stay in big disadvantage.


Nope, you could not accept the consequences of your decisions and decided it was better to screw up the entire game just so you could have your way.

Enjoy the mess TBCC has become. The HvH BGs decision may go down in history as the turning point where the whole Classic experiment failed.


Lol I love that you want people to be forced into playing something they don’t want, to balance the game for blizzard.

Like that is literally your solution, you want horde punished for the ultimate sin of simply preferring horde, or playing with friends.

Get over yourself

As you post from a horde avatar too so you know he’s totally serious :thinking:


people who hate themselves irl wish they were something they’re not so they roleplay a big strong bovine warrior.

If there is anyone I take seriously on the forums, it’s gonna be a dude named RoboKappa with 8000+ posts


The problem is you’re talking to players who never have and never will care about the health of the game, they are in it for themselves only.


bull’s eye.

I care a lot about the health of the game, that’s why I celebrated them adding HvH that was probably the biggest boon to game health in TBC.

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Let me check, last time I checked, it wasn’t.


Alliance: 45,8% (164414 players), Horde 54,2% (194569 players).


Alliance: 45,6% (80967 players)
Horde: 54,4% (96585 players)

Can’t say it is dead.

Perhaps only dead inside…

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Uh huh sure you do Bearyalin. Who does HvH help? Oh yeah, it helps you.


Faction Balance is far more predictable due to Blizzards refusal to do any balance or work on classic - aside from kneejerk changes. As a result people are going to be prone to go Horde because it’s easy to look up the documentation on strongest racials. PVE horde wins pretty handidly going forward - especially post TBC. PVP EMFH may be above the rest in late wotlk and later. Easier to just save the money on rerolling and stick to horde because you can just go where the meta lords are going to flock.

Mind you I heavily favour racials balancing. It may be the best thing Blizzard can do to remedy the faction balance issues that will become a chasm. If anything it would make pvp more fun and interesting because a meta shakeup would be quite exciting.

HvH was not the solution to what was happening right now. All it does is continue to let the hemorrhage of players continue. It was a lazy and stupid change.


It helps everyone believe it or not. Because weirdly enough horde are paying customers and subscriptions that help keep the game alive same as alliance.

And having playable queue times keeps people playing the game.

If you have the magical solution to balance factions, by all means email blizzard I’m sure they would love to find out

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There, I fixed it for you.


When you change a quote to make a point, you’ve already lost

Sure buddy, you go with that…