...is Aegwynn alive?

Like, this is a legitimate question.

They’ve said that Me’dan being the Guardian is non-canon, right?

Then is Aegwynn still alive? She only died sacrificing herself to empower Me’dan while he was the Guardian so he could kill Cho’Gall.

And then Cho’Gall showed up in Cata after Me’dan being the guardian was un-canonized, so wouldn’t that mean Aegwynn never would have sacrificed herself?

I can’t find a single thing online anywhere where her fate is mentioned that isn’t directly tied to Me’dan being Guardian.


Take out “Me’dan as Guardian” and you’re still left with Aegwynn giving him the last of her strength, not the power of the Guardian.


She’s dead. the only thing retconned from Armageddon and the Me’dan comics was making Me’dan the guardian of Tirisfal, as well as nerfing is godlike abilities. He’s still the child of Medivh and Garona, he still exists in canon but he’s no longer the Gary Stu he was in the comics and he never became the new guardian.


Honestly, if Blizzard truly want to get rid of Me’dan just add him to an expansion already, make him sacrifice himself to defeat the big bad and be done with it.

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And now I’m picturing Me’dan entering the fray and giving his life to end Zovaal forever.

Picture him sacrificing his physical Body to kill Zovaal before having his Soul turned into the new Arbiter while stripped of personality to become a non-biased Machine!

An overly dramatic double sacrifice that the Writers will treat as glorious, grand, elaborate and magnificent!

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“When the child of the three realms becomes as light, the ancient power will be released. The earth will tremble. The seas will rise up in answer, and all will be madness. A new day will dawn, bringing with it chaos or peace.”

I mean if ever we do go to a light realm, Me’dan might end up being a part of it.

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Is that an actual quote from the Comics and if so then I must note it says Chaos or Peace not Chaos or Order…

Both Void and Disorder have been referred to as Chaos…

That’s my issue.

Cho’Gall showed up in Cataclysm with no mentions of being injured or killed earlier. Which implies Me’dan never even confronted him.

So why would Aegwynn have sacrificed herself?

The comic ended (well, that arc ended) with a panel going back to Cho’gall’s hand protruding from the rubble in Ahn’Qiraj after the heroes had left, and his appearance during Cataclysm - hulked out with stony protrusions and extra eyeballs on his body, along with his one-eyed head possessing tendrils in place of a beard and and fin-like ears - reflects his transformation from being empowered by C’thun’s remains, so the circumstances of his return after being beaten by Med’an were set up.

Thus the battle between him and Cho’gall still took place, wherein Aegwynn gave her life to help Med’an win. Moreover the events that led to Kathra’natir inhabiting Meryl’s body - which is referenced in Legion - were part of that conflict as well. The comics and characters involved remain canon, except for Med’an properly being an actual Guardian.

As of Legion, becoming Guardian has been attached to a specific process involved with the Forge of the Guardian. Guardians of Tirisfal were able to retain the borrowed power for as long as they wanted (though prior to Aegwynn they’d all willingly surrendered it back to the Forge when their tenure was over), while the method of empowering Med’an basically amounted to several spellcasters simultaneously channeling their magical energies to him through a ritual, and that resulting empowerment ended once the ritual stopped, returning the power to the casters.

That said, they’ve remained hesitant to concretely follow up on Med’an since, so to some it might seem like they’re leaning into a complete retroactive removal of him. But as things stand, the cause behind a number of significant things would need to otherwise be reconciled if they decided to outright excise him from the canon. Including, as said, Aegwynn’s absence since that era, Cho’gall’s appearance in Cataclysm (in fairness they’ve also yet to explain why his AU self has some of his MU self’s Old God mutations along with the chest wound that his MU self received during the Second War) and Meryl Winterstorm becoming Meryl Felstorm, along with the associated reconciliation of Valeera’s demonic possession story arc, which was part of her involvement in Varian’s story and therefore is more difficult to just arbitrarily erase without basically eradicating what little backstory she actually has.


tbh, I don’t think anything would be lost. She was pretty boring.

At least in all sources after The Last Guardian at least.

All the Ingame Quotes as well as Chronicle all treat her as a generic boring Good Guy Sorceress unlike The Last Guardian which treats her as a proud Archmage bursting with confidence!

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This was honestly always irritating to me. Aegwynn first actively appeared in the novels, and a significant point was made of showing that despite everyone else expecting this overwhelming and otherworldly being, she was really pretty normal looking despite all of that power and knowledge. Coupled with a sarcastic, often cynical and down-to-earth personality, that subversion was one of her more interesting “things.” That everyone who expected her to be this impossible paragon was surprised to just meet a human being. In keeping with that, by the time Jaina met her in Cycle of Hatred she was supposed to look like an old woman - healthy and strong for her age, with the same caustic personality as always, but otherwise pretty regular and approachable.

Then the comics finally gave her a visible appearance, and they decided she just had to look like some “epic” immortal comic book figure with glowing eyes and agelessly youthful features (so basically an elf without the pointy ears) speaking in standard High Fantasy prose, and they’ve stuck with that frankly boring portrayal ever since.

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they may have thought he was dead and buried him with C’thun’s corpse, but he still could have been alive and when he came back he was clearly twisted by the powers of the Old Gods.

I’ve said it before. They should introduce Me’dan to the game, but make him into less then impressive character and all the story of the comic being his interpretation of events, while the truth was far less “epic.” Portray Me’dan as a weaver of tall-tales and unduly boastful of feats he didn’t actually accomplism.


But when did Me’dan ever use or appeal to the Light? His mother is a rogue, his father is a mage and he was more a of a dual-class mage/shaman.

Also, Me’dan is widely hated by most of the fanbase. I think adding him to the game will not go over well.

At the start of BfA, I thought we would find out that Sylvanas had kidnapped Medan and held him hostage to coerce Garona into service. And maybe by the end of the expac, we would rescue him.

Garona was not thrilled about fighting for the Horde in that War. She had an attitude like she was doing it almost unwillingly. So I figured when Sylvanas was revealed to be the enemy, helping Garona rescue Medan would be in event in game.

Blizzard was intent on making Sylvanas do everything bad they can think of. It seemed like something they would write her doing.

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Me’dan is part Dreanei and was taught the Light by Maarad after the fall of Onyxia.

It’s dumb. the whole comic series was dumb. Me’dan was being built up to be some convergent prophet between the elements, the arcane and the Light. The kid is supposed to be in his 20’s and he’s already mastered Shamanism, arcane magic and now hes working on mastering the Light. Meanwhile we are told that these respective disciplines take lifetimes to master.

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Thanks for explaining.

While you’re right about Me’dan having a connection to the Light, I still think bringing Me’dan into the story would not go over well.


I agree. I think they realized that putting all their plots together to make Med’an some chosen one was a bad choice since he was poorly received by Warcraft fans. I think those same plots are still in the game but have been split between Thrall (Shamanism) and Anduin (Light) , Jaina (Arcane) respectively.