IOC needs a fixing

Glaives are way to squishy and demos need to do more damage to the gates.
Turrets need to be made no non repairable.

When the hangar is an easy win to who ever gets it then the BG is busted. You can attack the gun ships from hanagr

Been like that for years, devs asleep at the wheel and/or don’t care about balancing epic BGs

The map is so one-sided even the premaders complain about it.

When I end up in a SoD premade group I usually see Ruthlessbro complaining about how boring it is in the chat. I parked one of my alts in SAS recently (because bored), and in their chat there’s always a huge/collective cringe or “sigh” whenever an IOC pops

which means its intentional. They neglect their game unless its some woke stuff they want to push


They’ve never been able to balance IoC.

Beginning of the expansion, everyone is going docks because the galives aren’t as squishy due to the player power being lower. As everyone gears up and can squash the glaives in 3 seconds, it becomes all about hangar. It’s been this way for way too long.

And the demo problem isn’t just their weak damage on walls while being WAY too op against players, the cannons at the base wreck them. So what we end up with is demos acting as base protection and nothing more.

Honestly, if they are too lazy to work on aspects of this game, they really need to prune down some of the bg’s. Ashran and IoC are not better than TB was. I did a little math earlier and I can only stomach 23% of the bg’s in the entire que(reg and epic). 3 bg’s. And I used to LOVE pvp and grinded it relentlessly until WoD.

OP, they will never fix it. None of these devs even pvp. They have no clue what is wrong. To them, pvp’ers are just the bottom of the barrel customer base.


They should just remove wintergrasp and return ashran to the amazing state it was in before they defiled it.

it was so fun having all the side objectives and finding the aa and summoning the tree you know actually using the whole map instead of them flaying it down to a literal road fight and nothing more


World of Woke Craft, Twitterlands.

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