🧠 Inviting Intelligent Introverts Into Impartial Interrelationships

:no_entry_sign: No forced voice chat but
:musical_note: We do listen to tunes when together sometimes
:wave: Active discord and facebook to get to know us
:green_book: Independent playing :green_book:

:bone: Old and old school
:dancer: Casual and slow growing
:cat: Pets Pets and more Pets! :dog:
:phone: Service focused
:skull_and_crossbones: Limited support for Horde activities!

:astonished: Growing group of mythic players LFM! :key:
:trophy: Achievement/ mog runs/ crafting and dungeon help
:drop_of_blood: Forming a REAL life family of friends
:sleeping_bed: Family geared. Real life and game fatigue happens. :bath:
:beer: And… shenanigans… as shenanganny as introverts can get. :taco:

:sparkling_heart: We do open up with trust into beautiful creatures…
:kissing_cat: waivers for pouncing required upon sign up
:shorts: players will be asked to run pantless… at least once… :dash:

The truth is out there, and so are we. It’s just a step to the left.


alliance - greymane-tanaris
message Kirrin#1940 for questions or
most online members for ginvite.

dingusbrigade dot com (Read our dingus in focus!)

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Wow, what luck, I just happened to be browsing for a casual guild today and not only do yall sound super awesome fun times, you are on my server! EEK but I am dingus enough, do I brigade, how can i tell? Am I about to spiral into a crisis? So much to do!


with analysis paralysis, all dingus just stand in the fire until status quo changes :slight_smile: 3 cheers for GREYMANE! huzzah!

This sounds perfect, sign me up :grin:

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“Come to the light”
<<<see what I did there? :slight_smile:
Happy taco tuesday cinco d’ mayo sith day <3