Invites to beta

Is Blizzard ever gonna send invites out to actual players to beta test?


there are thousands of ACTUAL players already in beta. and the quote above should give you an idea to future invites.

I logged onto Battlenet and looked under the Region and Account for WoW and it listed the Classic Beta was available to me for download. Got no email like I did for other Beta testing just showed up on the game menu.

Good luck getting in though even if you get an invite. Been trying to log in for over 2 hours and get the same message “NO SERVERS AVAILABLE”

From the videos I’ve watched on beta its an extremely small amount of players it seems

far from it. watched many streams since beta launch daily, ive seen battles with up to at least 150 players i would guess with the raid group sizes and number of raids reported to be there
plus streamers saying there are roughly 2.5-3k people on layers

Assuming this isn’t a troll, that is just a bug. You didn’t get beta access.

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and blizzard did say this was a SMALL beta they didn’t want to bring in huge numbers, minus the stress tests which still were probably relatively small compared to the number of people that WANT in badly.

Did you get in the last stress test if so your in the one on the 29th

blizzard addressed this as a bug yesterday mate sorry to say :frowning: sorry it happened to you as well mate

This happens if you got in the stress test, but not into beta.

Source: I got into the stress test, and not into beta


My Magic 8-Ball :8ball: says, “Outlook not so good.”

So there you have it, OP.

/moo :cow:

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Your tears taste delicious.

I am NOT a troll, been playing since Vanilla thank you.

Yes I did get the last one, but I had to work so couldn’t participate unfortunately.

Can I tell him.
It’s a bug. No beta for you!

you didnt get beta u only got the stress test is all

I don’t want to blow your mind but, those streamers everyone is so hateful of, are actual players. :exploding_head:

There will be an open beta in a few weeks. No way it doesn’t go up on the PTR before release and we are only about 90 days away from that.

Please refer to the Blue sticked post.

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