Invis Pots Broken

Invis pots not working after 9.05 patch. They break almost instantly after using. Tested multiple times in halls of atonement on shadow priest.


It happened on my paladin as well! Potion of Hidden Spirit only works for 2 seconds before you get knocked out of stealth again.

Tested multiple potions. Its just broken.

Same. I keep getting knocked out. Not sure what’s causing it. Maybe something with being necrolord? Or possibly with certain trinkets since a lot of them got secretly buffed slightly?

same invis pots are broken

I had the same thing happen. Then happened again in the Maw with the Oil of Ethereal Force.

Invis pot is broken just had a TOP die cause skip wasn’t possible, due to dropping out of invis 2 seconds in

Still broken please fix

Agree. Busted. I’ve had three instances recently. Frustrating. Pls fix Blizz.

Similar behavior is occurring with rogue stealth

Yep, same issue here. Breaks instantly after use. Very disappointing when trying to run a M+ and you wipe the group. I’m Necro Monk if that helps… Always seems to happen in HoA when I make that run after the first boss up the stairs to Echelon. Also, it did happen in the ToP run earlier this evening too so I don’t think it’s just limited to HoA. Although, I am lucky to be NELF and can meld after I pull something =[ Id suggest running with a rogue if this is also an issue for you if you really want to skip mobs.

Bump. Pls fix. This is incredibly annoying.

Same thing happening to me every time we go for the skip in HOA. Fix this zzzz

Tested it again today, March 14 in the Maw with Oil of Ethereal Force. Broke after one or two seconds of me just standing there. Dwarf Shadow Priest.

same here. I havent been able to use any type of invis pots without them break instantly.

This needs to get fixed asap. The large majority of M+ dungeons use a skip of some sort. Having keys get messed up because of a bugged invis skip is incredibly frustrating.

Has there been any blue post response to any thread about this? Just happened to me and wiped my SD run. Went to use pot to skip bridge, immediately out of invis. I am a necrolord blood DK, if that matters/anyone is keeping track.

Apparently pre-cast HOTS will now break pots as of patch now too. My Renewing Mist hot on my monk breaks it immediately.

It’s consistently failing for me too, after every use, between 0-5 seconds.

Just used Potion of Hidden Sight, in Sinfall, no buffs, no armor - lasted less than a second.

It’s been a week and still no acknowledgement from blizzard, invis pot still breaking for me. (Necro DK here)