Invincible warmode buffs?

So there’s this CERTAIN player who is abusing some type of warmode buffs to become nigh invincible. What are these buffs he’s using? Most of you have chatted with this person already as he is quite “active” on the forums. Blizz really needs to tamp down on the crazy buffs you can get. And no this wasn’t in Arcana arena, It was out in the open world.

That’s kinda the draw of world pvp though.
Like in arena, everything is as straightforward as possible.
BGs gives you a little more room to use consumables and stuff to have that spicy power fantasy.
World PvP is where you get to have fun with all the cheeky clever use of game mechanics stuff that you don’t get in BGs and Arena. So unless it’s some really sketchy glitch abuse, who cares?


This very well could be a glitch of some kind. The player has a HUGE amount of buffs on them. Like I’m talking raid size amount of buffs with no timers. They seem to be permanent buffs. I know all about wpvp. But this player actively exploits this stuff and has been known in the past to hack.

Just curious as to how this player’s class sees through stealth, casts spells faster than a global, and manages to tank a whole raid while NOT being a tank spec… Just a curious set of abilities to make a person that strong. The nay-sayers will shrug this off as “fair gameplay”, 'working as intended", “lulz stop crying and turn off warmode”. But no single player should have the power I just saw this one wield. I mean it’s like he was carrying all the buff from Wild Arcana arena out in the open world…

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Let me guess, belf Priest name starts with an A?


Im stacking a lot of buffs that are relatively easy to get. Ruby feast is one of them for 10% Stam and 20% Int, a huge one is the 10 stacks of Breakers Frenzy from the WPvP tier set which gives me 20% flat versatility which totals out to 57% Vers in PvP combat. Phial of Elemental Chaos for the random secondary stat enhancements. Bakar from Maruuk Centaur which gives me a 30 sec cool down auto cleanse on most harmful debuffs + a 1 minute single target nuke that replicates my damage. Avatar of Bloodshed pet for the added damage that’s from BfA Inscription. Songflower Serenade for 15% increased stats.

All of these are buffs anyone can get. The breakers frenzy is permanent unless I die or I take a loading screen of any kind, in which I need to get 10 kills again after. Ruby feast and Songflower last 1 hour.

Lottie, if I were to ever hack this game, I would be permanently banned from this game. Blizzards Warden is no joke, you’re insane if you think I actually hack this game.

If a player puts in the research on what buffs they can use to their advantage in WPvP, they should have that power.

Its fun being an absolute unit and taking on 9-10 players and seeing if I can come out on top.

Lottie, if you ever want to do WPvP and see how I do things, you’re free to party up with me on a Horde toon and just watch. I’ll gear you up for free too through WPvP if you want. My battletag is WilloWisp#1275. I like competition and if watching will help, feel free to.


World PvP is the Wild Wild West where lawlessness rules as it should be. The only issue that I have with World PvP are shards, the ability of pulling raids into shards and town guards (either make towns a sanctuary or not, your guard AI is pitiful). Everything else should be and is fair game.


so you’re actually one of the worst in wpvp. But you’re not THE worst. I’ve come across a player that was legit hacking. He’s been reported so hopefully it gets fixed. You just can’t name players on here anymore.

Is it a Paladin? Because I think I know who you’re talking about but he’s not hacking. Unless you meant the invincible warrior in BGs who was banned already and was just using an exploit. Also, what do you say to my offer? Im just using buffs.

Offer still stands Lottie. Your 5 man group won’t do much x)

Youre really hostile damn. Im trying to be friendly here :sob:

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You are not at all being freindly or helpful. You’re literally trolling and no longer worth engaging. I hope you have the day you deserve.

I said if you wanted to PvP with me for a day, you could. How is that not being friendly? Its a serious offer.

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not so sure on that, see a lot of mob grinding bots in hyperspawns that break when you kill them. Just depends on how many people report stuff.

I tend to disagree, ‘unfair advantages’ and all that; but Blizzard doesn’t care about any of that occurring in PvP that makes people basically unkillable. If they cared at all healers, tanks, etc would gain dampening in wpvp combat too and they would fix stacking a ton of buffs.

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Okay, no, Alphon doesn’t hack


Yes, you do see a lot of them, and while they aren’t banned immediately, they are banned in time. Not because they can’t catch them quick enough, but there’s reasons why they wouldn’t ban a botter right away. They do them in waves. I could be wrong, but one of the reasons I believe they don’t ban right away for botters is because it would give away what it is they’re tracking, making it easier for people who make bot programs and what not to avoid that. They would make it readily apparent what it is that’s triggering an auto ban if they just did that.

It’s not an unfair advantage if everyone can get it. I explained what I was using; i.e Ruby Feast buffs and Bakar from Maruuk Centaur renown, WPvP tier set, so forth.

It’s relatively easy to obtain. They put fun little buffs like this into the game to have something for players to work towards. I don’t get it with people wanting to remove power progression in PvP, especially in the context of WPvP where you’re allowed to use these items and stack buffs. It’s fun to have a goal to work towards, that’s why I play the game, that’s my fun. Working towards something that’ll make my character more powerful and where I can use that against actual players, not NPCs, and fight against 7-10 players.

Just this morning I fought against Lottie’s 5 man sparks of life group and wiped the floor with them. Meanwhile they’re complaining about getting killed in PvP, calling me a hacker because they can’t grasp the concept of buff stacking. :dracthyr_shrug:

If you can’t beat them, join them, as some would say. Maybe even learn from your enemies. I offered.


I doubt that, I’ve seen the same ones in the same spots so far. How infrequent? Once a year? They kinda made all their money by then.

They announce how many accounts they close per month supposedly, and it’s a lot. But the fact you see them everywhere still, the same names makes it look bad. Same thing with a lot of other games plagued with the issue.

I mean technically everyone can get roids, but it’s still considered an unfair advantage among many other things. ‘Ability to get it’ or ‘use it’ doesn’t negate it being an unfair advantage over other players. It was the same thing with Terrain exploits. Everyone could get on top of the roof, but GMs would still teleport you down and warn you off way back when.

Running around in various areas to stack buffs isn’t really something to work towards.

Usually only when it makes people basically unkillable even to those that are already geared.

That’s nice, but it doesn’t really excuse it.

Should be progression for fighting against 1, not 7 or 10. Should be skill based, not ‘i stacked so many buffs no one can kill me.’


You’re comparing people obtaining steroids, which is illegal without a medical prescription, to people obtaining buffs which is literally allowed by Blizzard?

Dude, it’s a game. Everyone is able to get these buffs just by playing the game normally and doing quests. That’s the point I’m making. Its not an unfair advantage, it’s just an advantage. It’s in conformity with the rules, therefore it’s not unfair.

GMs teleported players off not because they were on the roofs, but because by being on the roof, they could effectively bypass guards and other NPCs in a town. Guards are meant to protect the town and by being on the roof, ranged players on top of them could kill and attack freely. Guard pathing / AI back then could not attack a player on a roof.

Not really running around in various areas. The Ruby Feast is consolidated in Valdrakken, you can get two buffs from there. The next is the WPvP tier set, it’s just a passive effect on your gear where every person you kill, you gain 2% vers/movement speed, stacking 10 times. The other is an item you can buy and store in your bags, Shikaar Hunting Horn , that’s a pet who can do nasty damage. Those are my main buffs. Im not running around anywhere to get these buffs really.

Then they can stick to battlegrounds or rated PvP where it’s more streamlined. Want to know what else makes people unkillable? Roaming in large groups or raids. How is the solo player supposed to fight solo against a large group without a group of his own? Buff stacking amongst other things.

Game knowledge and how to apply that knowledge in a fast paced setting such as PvP, 1v7, I would consider a skill.

You say, “should be progression for fighting against 1” yet players out here be roaming in groups or raids. I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s my way of fighting back without a group of my own.

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Technically, unfair advantages are illegal in WoW but you still obtain them - so yes.

There’s nothing in the rules that say you can gain unfair advantages over other players. They actually say that’s cheating. So it is technically, illegal.

Then why doesn’t everybody, because if they were you would not be 1v7 or 1v10ing them which is why you can’t even do so in arena. <3

Guards don’t protect towns at all anymore, actually. So that’d be incorrect.

Ah yeah the flower and many other items you mentioned, totally not.

Or they can just turn off warmode, which is pretty dead probably because of players like you that make it so unfun to be in.

I wouldn’t, which is why you can’t do it in arena. You can’t even 3v3 there, so how can you boast skill?

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Alphôn, you’re not gonna win with this crowd. They want to win without putting forth the effort to win. They don’t think they need to learn how to beat an opponent, or how to improve their character. They just want to log on and kill you with one button. They absolutely deplore someone who researches and improves their toon to the max. You even offered to help the lil fella be all that he could be and turned you down in a hostile way with his childish claims. Don’t let these guys get to you. Continue to do you and let them cry. And last, but not least…Death to the Horde!!! :slight_smile:


No they aren’t. You’re literally grasping at straws here and trying so desperately to try to be right. You’re not. I don’t think you know the difference between unfair advantage and just an advantage.

They say exploiting or abusing a bug is cheating. Obtaining a buff by clicking an item in Valdrakken that Blizzard has allowed players to click on, is not a bug or an exploit. It’s not cheating.

It’s an advantage, sure, but it’s not an unfair one because it’s not against any rules.

Because no one knows about them or they don’t feel the need to get them. Why put in work to get those buffs when some players can just join a group and be just as unkillable or untouchable? People want easy. They don’t want to work for anything.

Lol alright. Go to Loamm. Attack someone there. Good luck.

The flower isn’t always up, it’s only up during Operation Murloc in Azsuna. I don’t always go there for that reason. My main buffs are the ones I just listed. My avatar of Bloodshed is inscription, I don’t need to “run” anywhere to get it. I just craft it through supplies I buy on the Auction House. Phial of Elemental Chaos? Auction House. Where am I running all over? I get 70% of my buffs from Valdrakken haha.

No, it’s all shard dependent. You can either be on a good shard filled with the enemy faction or be on a bad one filled with your faction.

Facts. :100:

Seriously! I really did offer to help and said I’d even gear them if they made a Horde character or if they already had one. I love competition. There’s a paladin in WPvP who uses the same things I do and every time I see him it’s such a fun 1v1!

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