Introducing Two New Events: Xy’mox’s Charity Cache and Solo Shuffle Showdown!

Or just donate to a charity directly.


I’ve always done that anyways. Been donating to the ACS for over 20 years.



Blizzard did that before, but it wasnt for charity it was to fund the Blizzcon arena tournament prize pool.

Blizzard just ended up pocketing most of the money and said “oh we never said how much was going to this cause lol haha lmao xd”


Didn’t they have to use a title to bribe people to watch it though to reach those numbers.

Either way, Blizz, enough with the eSports, it’s failed, so much so, you had to bribe people with a title.


Not that one — the one with the Meme-worthy name.

World of warcraft has absolutely zero to lose and everything to gain by revamping holiday events and making an event drop 1-2 slots of mythic raid ilvl gear.
Change my mind

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So they can skim some off the top? Please stop, give your money elsewhere

The viewership and interest in literally every esports event they do is absolutely pathetic, the game has millions of players and barely a few thousand bother to watch this stuff. It’s such a waste of time for them to even organize


I don’t care too much about gear as reward but events should be fun and wow events arent that for years. Also lack of replayable content

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At least you picked better names than “The Great Push” :poop:


The gear would accomplish making holiday events perpetually relevant to 90% of the playerbase.

They could even reuse fight concepts for different holidays. Example: Headless Horseman but its Frosty the Snowman and every time you knock his head off he basically bladestorms with wood arms.

There, i did more for Holiday events than Blizzard has in over a decade

“Season 5: The Hard Squeeze”


Season 6: The Deeper Dive

You want mythic level gear for the Headless Horseman? That’s a bit much


Ya I remember that.
Won’t give them a dime for charity after that fiasco.

I don’t want to have to kill “Frosty the Snowman” 28 times for a BIS weapon. That’s gross. We already have to deal with Raiders whining about M+, now imagine something that’s actually completely trivial having FOMO BIS. Big yikes.

If you wanted to drop heroic ilvl stuff that’s probably a different story.

You just combined two mutually exclusive points. I wasnt saying make the fights drop mythic gear, i was saying the gear should be a reward in some form and more content (maybe more fights) be added.

Cool event it’s nice they raising money to help others I might check this out!

I like new, fun stuff to do in-game, not watching other players.