Introducing the Trading Post!

No kidding I’ve been asking for custom or broad scope like missions that aren’t specifically expansion related.

It’s not 100% what I’d like, but I think it’s a good idea.

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If they put Shalamayne on there or maybe a Varian ensemble, I full support this.

Exactly - they will have a list of tasks or chores you have to go through to obtain them. And while the customization is a step in the right direction, it is still locked behind some chores.

People are seeing this as just an announcement of customization, but it is also the announcement of a new and extra system (of chores). Hopefully some of the chores will be in current content for those of us who wouldn’t mind some customization, but also don’t like paying a company to do content we just don’t find fun.

If you think doing some activities equivalent to quests is good enough to get challenge mode rewards, you’re out of your mind. There was nothing really fun about doing some things like the Mage Tower hundreds of times over and over. It was frustrating. Players who gave up, or weren’t there, don’t deserve to have them. I’m glad they won’t be a part of this trading post. And before people say I’m gatekeeping or blah blah blah, I’d be fine with Blizzard replicating CM’s somehow and adding them back as rewards, as long as it was challenging and players had to actually work for it.

You don’t even know what chores will be in this new system yet since it is not even on PTR yet. Or are you a psychic?

Also, my thoughts on what is or is not good enough to get a CM reward is irrelevant since I don’t work for Blizzard. Blizz is still all about increasing player metrics regardless of what Ion said in a Preach interview. You seem to be taking what I’m saying as a wish or desire - I just don’t put it past them to do this if it means getting people to use their new chore system.

I’m speaking to all players who keep asking for CM and MT stuff. If you weren’t there, if you didn’t do them, too bad so sad. There will be future FOMO things you can earn if you keep playing long enough.

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Not sure why people keep calling it a battle pass, SWTOR has a similar currency system where your sub gets you bonus currency. Shoot, you get currency over there just for having the authenticator running even if you don’t have a sub or even play the game haha.

Regardless I think this is a grand idea. I’m all for it, encourage people to play the game, explore, do whatever and give them something to do between the 3.5 days worth of WQ reset in the dragon isles.

But like it was also mentioned, this will let the team release old items, removed items, and new items they couldn’t place anywhere. I love it. I know I have a small wish list of things I’d like to see show up (ranging from old TCG things, removed achievement rewards, and even just old drops that you can’t obtain anymore due to xyz reasons).

I do have questions though, maybe I missed reading it somewhere?
Was it stated this was account locked so you could only get 1000 currency per month, or will it be character locked? Regardless, even if you have to wait to get a reward… who cares? Something to strive for.

This is the way. Ingame activities leading to rewards without RNG (other than maybe what spawns on the vendors but it also reads like maybe it is fixed rotation like the BFA corruptions vendor was).

Love to hear that the items can also include past and removed items. Here is to hoping EVERYTHING removed can find its way there and that players with alts can more effectively use said alts to stockpile tokens and buy out the vendors each month (at least eventually)

Yeah, pretty much. Absolutely no challenge / PVP items should come back. No mage towers, no elite mogs, no AOTC mounts, none of that. Time sensitive means time sensitive. I don’t think Blizzard would be so dumb as to make that glaring error though. We should be fine.


There is a screenshot showing some of them on the op link, Resurrecting players appear to be one.

You can see Satan’s(Bobby’s) grip loosening from the game in real time with every single update.

That doesn’t mean you know all the chores. It also is in development and more will be added later. You saw a piece of an idea. You’re probably one of these people who thinks they can be an accountant because they took that one elective in college.

Lag in Azure span is a launch woe. It will chill as more people enter into mythic+/raids/do other stuff not on the Dragon Isles.

I will feast on their tears. Kill the FOMO. Kill it beyond dead.

You wish for it but it’s not granted. We will see how it turns out.
I’m confident to see another bubble burst with me being right again about a topic, nobody thought it would come.

Just a few days ago I remember a few people talking about that Blizzard will not bring back old stuff and here we are. Don’t hold onto old beliefs, in the end the community will speak their mind and the minority will have to bend their knee for their egoistical point of view.

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You’re ignoring the fact that Ion just did an interview that’s not even a month old where he pretty much said “too bad; so sad” if you didn’t get it. 21 minute mark:

Your argument is “well they reverse this and they reverse that when they said they weren’t going to” but on the flip side to that, there are things they have stood firm on for a really long time. The example I used was the Scarab Lord. That’s probably the first time sensitive reward WoW got and Blizzard has not budged on bringing it back.

If Ion was even considering putting gladiator or AOTC mounts on the Trading Post, he wouldn’t have said “no” just three weeks before they announce it :roll_eyes:


lmao. Imagine thinking killing FOMO and giving people an avenue besides giving bobby another yacht to get store stuff is a bad thing. This is cringe, homie and you know it in your heart.

Thanks for sharing that. Although, there is no point in presenting facts to the mob and masses, they’ll believe what they want to believe despite it. Some serious copium in this thread but this Ion quote made me feel better that no one will get their budget CM and MT stuff.

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I know what he said, I watched the video after it got linked.
But I really do not consider him more than a clown who studied law. His ideas were outlandish to begin with and time has been proven to be correct again and again. His words have no value.

Are you sure you quoted the right person? I’m with you here.

Ok so this tells me you’re trolling if you think the game director’s word has no value.