Introducing the Trading Post!

Will any removed items be in the rotation?


Yeah! Everything for no work at all! Commu-- er, I mean CosMETICS for everybody!

is this going to be some battle pass bs

I’m pretty sure it means you can get transmogs that were available for a limited time that no longer are available

I hope this is the case. I saved 5mil gold since the beginning of this xpac. If I don’t have to use that I’d be pretty happy.

Re-release the Brutosaur!!!


Community Council and their weird stand on not releasing old CM content, although DF teases you with it on NPCs (“Party Attendees”)

I’m not sure how it’s “weird.” Mythic + replaced CM dungeons.

If you’re talking about the sets and mounts? No, they shouldn’t come back and that’s not a “weird stand” either. Ion said in an interview that stuff like this isn’t coming back and they like doing time sensitive rewards. That wasn’t his exact words but that is the gist of it.

So unless he gets replaced as game director, don’t expect removed rewards from CM, gladiator, mythic+, AOTC, etc. to be on the trading post.

However, I would hope to see items like Longboi (especially since it’s been missing for 17 months), spectral gryphon and wyvern, TCG mounts and pets, Flame Saber, removed Brewfast ram, armor and weapons that went missing after Cata and others items like that that are not skill-based-participation trophies to return.

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This is where they gather us all up before informing us if we die in game we die irl.

It isn’t a weird stance at all. I played during MoP, but I never did any CM’s, so I don’t deserve or ask for those sets.

I did do WoD CM’s and I put myself through in game hell to earn them. Until I tried them, I was a casual player, and I pugged them all. I mained enhance shaman, and no one would take me so I had to learn resto. It was my first time healing, and I forced myself to get good at it in a hurry. I put up with a lot of toxicity, some harsh environments, and literally lost sleep trying to get those weapons.

If another player doesn’t have to go through any of that, doesn’t have to force themselves to master their class, then they don’t deserve them.

It is a challenge for a reason and going to some NPC and doing a quest in game is not the same as what myself and many thousands of others had to do to achieve them.

Everyone acts so entitled these days.

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But it is certainly okay for you two that some of these designs are shown in Dragonflight as teases, right? Unobtainable, good looking MoP CM sets.

And before we blame the poor developer who just looked for something suitable for the NPC to wear (guess what is attractive here), we better focus on having these back. If even an unconscious developer picks these sets, then this is surely a telltale sign what needs to be done about it.

Blizzard has been putting NPCs in armor sets not available to players for 18 years. More news at 11.

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And this is certainly a mistake. Don’t tease players with something they don’t get. This is how you create problems and such topics and outcomes, where a Trading Post needs to fix everything.

There is an undead NPC in Azure Span wearing the chest/robe from the Mage Tower set I have on right now. Only nelf and belf demon hunters can earn this set but it is on an undead. You’re looking into something too much. Just because random NPCs are wearing something retired, doesn’t mean it’ll become obtainable.

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Well it won’t. Ion already said it won’t.

The Trading Post is probably why he answered that question in his interview. To head this off at the pass.

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The game needs to have standards and if you already slip here, then where’s the end? We have seen how this ended with the High Elves-teasers through the years. They are playable now for the Alliance. We also see a similar rampage going on with the Worgen and their tails. People do remember this. New player will get aware of the unfair treatment. Topics will stay relevant and fester because of this.

Ion also said many things which were reverted later on. Nothing is ever set in stone. I can be patient, because I know that things will turn out good for the majority of players. When it’s not in the Trading Post, then it’s in an evergreen CM challenge.

I know but we’re going on 17 years and I still don’t have a Scarab Lord title. So far some things are set in stone.

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To be fair, titles are only a thing on regular servers and I could bother less with them. Most standard server players dress like clowns anyway and it is immersion-breaking (for me), but I do recognize the yearning for something so trivial. RP-servers can create custom titles with TRP3, which is the standard on these servers.

I won’t defend Blizzard, and I certainly don’t agree with everything they do, but not bringing back CM and original MT weapons and sets is the right call.

IF – big if – they were going to ever bring back things like this, they would have done it with the Mage Tower weapons in the new MT iteration.

You will never be able to get these things by talking to an NPC and purchasing them for in game currency and for that, I applaud Blizzard.

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Huh this has nothing to do with my point plus the Scarab Lord title also came with a mount. Two mounts? I don’t know if they got the regular and updated version or just the updated version.

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Can it also include tattoos, hairstyles, hair effects and class skins as rewards?? This will incentivize players to log in and do these activities and allow Blizz to gradually add additional character customization!

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