Introducing the Trading Post!

Its interesting that you would tack on M+ being able to progress in this feature/gameplay mode rather than making it its own separate progression track. Its always funny when M+ players complain about solo players wanting high ilvl gear… its seesm M+ wanting cosmetic trader gear is fine… (I M+ and play solo at different times, so have a somewhat balanced outlook).

If they re-add anything that required you to do a “challenge” that would be very disappointing.

Hopefully its exactly like the article says – “cosmetics from promotions that are no longer available as well as items normally available for cash purchase on the in-game store” - old things that had no actual hard work/gameplay involved, just money. I always thought it was very strange to discontinue something that was making them money anyways.

Would be super cool to see new colors of a lot of those items though (new Mage Tower armor rewards were a perfect example of a revamp done right). That probably isn’t a ton of effort, and everyone gets something new to collect and be happy about =)

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as long as you can get tyrael mount and brutosaur im in


Yep and once people get comfy with it they will add in ‘purchasable’ with bnet balance stuff or require you to ‘buy WoW season battlepass’ to access it.

The fact items are on a monthly rotation already says enough about it.


This is literally just a battlepass with FOMO tied to it.
I… I quit.

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they are the main cities i agree with this it gives them relevance and a reason for people to go back to them.

Allowing us to earn cash-shop items for in game activities is EXCELLENT. Good job Blizzard.

inb4 ‘trader’s tender’ is purchasable with irl money

I mean… they say that it will have the cash shop items in it so…

hopefully this new system has us visit old areas for some exploration style missions…might be a great way to keep the world feeling big instead of being limited to the new continent + instances.

Reminds me of the darkmoon faire!

Also please don’t make the rewards generic like most other world content stuff…consider putting some NEW interesting things in here :revolving_hearts:

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So you will be able to basically get any item in the game? Including old elite pvp appearances?

This is a battle pass for a game with a monthly sub. This is horrible.

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This is what im wondering

it is a BP, but you dont have to pay anything (yet) for it, why is it horrible?

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Love this and really hope its executed well, though i do have to agree with wishing it wasnt in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Would have loved something in Ironforge or Thunder Bluff but honestly if thats the main complaint youre doing pretty well

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Resurrect is spelled incorrectly in the image! This looks like an amazing piece of content!


i like how this system has implemented mechanic to fight against FOMO items…and adding in a way to earn cool store mount items in game

literally doing what players have been asking for…great work blizz :revolving_hearts:

they specifically state that you can get unobtainables from promotions that are no longer available

so tyrael’s charger was mentioned - yeah that’s a promotional mount that i think might qualify. KSM Kor’kron war wolf or Gladiator Nether drakes from TBC i don’t believe would (unless stated otherwise by a blue ofc) :dracthyr_nervous_animated:


I literally could not care less about any of the other things (T3, the flying panther from RAF, old mounts or mage tower appearances, not even the Pandaren Phoenixes) if they just give me that dang cleaver [edit:: the elemental axe, that’s both on fire and frozen] from WoD CM

Please, Blizz, I’m begging you, please :pleading_face:


It’s evergreen content, something, what the game needs.

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I’d like Atiesh, Corrupted Ashbringer, some of the original Mage Tower appearances I didn’t earn or wasn’t around for.

But I know that isn’t a reasonable request.

If I didn’t put the time in, if I didn’t play the game then, then I don’t deserve the rewards.

I hope Blizzard doesn’t add any of the CM or Mage Tower stuff to this. Please, Blizzard, some things should be kept sacred, rare, and unobtainable.

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