Introduce Yourself Here

Hi everyone! Kizmani here - undead warlock on Dalaran.

I started playing in beta on a PVP server (Deathwing) and my main was an undead priest. I was on a multiple Arena teams and in a raiding guild. I ended up quitting in late 2010, right before Cataclysm. I came back in 2020 during the pandemic and found my old account had been hacked & stripped, the only characters left were all low level alts. I started over on a fresh account. With the exception of a warrior and death knight, I have level 60s for all classes (with a couple duplicates).

I am no longer a hardcore player, though I play a lot. I enjoy my army of alts, pet battles and collecting, achievements, professions and world events. I’ve tried to get back into raiding and mythics, but honestly, I don’t much enjoy it anymore. Everything is so focused on mechanics and understanding/remembering every detail, and generally people are so unforgiving of questions and mistakes that I don’t find it fun. In essence, I work a stressful & competitive job in corporate America, I manage a large team of people and it’s physically & mentally draining. When I get off work I want to PLAY - not watch/study every fight for hours and get yelled at because I stepped, or didn’t step, somewhere or that I don’t have the 10 mandatory addons, all configured exactly while simultaneously running a sim for every piece of gear as I go, while also watching the DPS meters to ensure I’m not at the bottom. That isn’t fun, that’s a second job.

My opinion is that because WoW is so old and has become so advanced, that it can be isolating for new and casual players. The intricacies help keep the current player base engaged, but it was disorienting as a returning player.


Hello everyone, I’m Ryure - Demon Hunter on Bleeding Hollow under Resonate.

I have played this game since 2005 and been through quite a few years in WoW. At the moment I’m a mythic raider and I have started raiding in the mythic scene since the last year of Warlords of Draenor Expansion. I have attained gladiator once back in Lich King expansion on my paladin. My experiences include max-level of every class in Legion and currently have a death knight, a demon hunter, and a paladin at max level with more to come.

Also I’m deaf so I bring a perspective of a community to this council so I can help put in my two cents. What I hope to bring would be feedback upon raid fights that may be troublesome for people with disabilities such as Mekkatorque and to a certain extent- Dreadlords fight this tier.

Cheers all


Hello everyone,

I play on the US servers Korgath as Alliance and Kil’Jaeden as Horde.

Warcraft III was my first foray into the franchise and I have always loved Elves in the fantasy genre. The ferocious Night Elf that was portrayed from WCIII, and the incredibly strong character Tyrande was what made me create my first character. I choose a priest and named her Abolita after my grandmother as she had the uncanny ability to heal and take care of any ailments I had growing up.

Funny note, I spelled Abuelita wrong by mistake (which is grandma in Spanish) but decided to keep Abolita because it was unique and just a fun way to remember her!

My WoW history is all over as I’ve been through the gauntlet from Hardcore raider and PVPer in Vanilla and BC, to collector with transmogs, mounts and pets, to where I am at now in leveling so many characters through Chromie Time, and just enjoying the game for what it is.

Outside of WoW, I’m a coffee lover and enjoy learning new ways to brew my own lattes. One day I hope to experience Krolco’s legendary techniques where a member of the Blizzard team mentioned he was basically the Brett Favre of coffee.

Lastly, I’m also a tournament judge for fighting games at EVO, which I’m happy to hear is finally back after a 2 year beak due to the pandemic. I’m not nearly as good as I was back in the day, but very much keep in touch with the community at large and go to as many locals as I can, and of course EVO.

Looking forward to continuing to help bring the best possible change to this world we all love!



I am Cammack, Im also known as CammackAttack. I have been playing WoW since the end of Vanilla. I loved the game so much I played it on dial up. I’m an avid Mount collector, currently sitting at 725. I enjoy all aspects of the game. I Mythic Raid (Not WF content), PVP, M+ and even enjoy the occasional pet battle. I’m a lore buff and enjoy diving into any storyline that’s put out.

I have a toon for each race and class on both the Horde and Alliance so that I can experience all that Warcraft has to offer. However my Ret Paladin will always be my main and most loved. I can bring to the table the compliments and complaints from my own view and those of my friends and followers that I feel will fit with the current storyline and that will make the game more enjoyable for both casual and hard-core players. I look forward to the collaboration and collective ideas.

Excited to be here!



Hello everyone!

I would like to thank Blizzard for giving me this opportunity, I am very honored to be included here. My name is Neryssa, and I’ve been playing WoW for more than 15 years. I started playing WoW during Vanilla when I was in high school. I’ve started playing the game as a Druid, but decided to reroll Warlock while still in Vanilla and that Warlock has been my main character to this day.

I work as a Guide and Front Page News writer on Wowhead, working there in different positions since 2018. I’m considered a wildcard there, working on a variety of topics, but my main line of work is PTR research and writing about outdoor content in general (I have written comprehensive zone guides for Wowhead since Patch 8.1), as well as research community topics for the Front Page news.

In WoW, I am a very avid mount and achievement collector, currently at Top 64 in the world for most mounts according to Data for Azeroth. Much of my playtime at the moment is dedicated to mount farming, and as such, I touch on almost every level of content in at least a semi-hardcore level (besides arenas, because I enjoy happiness hehe).

Considering my working experience and playing style, expect me to post mostly about collections and the inner workings of outdoor content, as well as touching some Mythic+ and Raiding content here and there.

Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity. Hope to not disappoint :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I primarily go by the name Halshuggen in WoW. I have been playing since the Antorus patch and been playing WoW only since then. In Antorus I started raiding and achieved my first Cutting Edge achievement. Since then I’ve been raiding more serious and I’ve been playing around the world 100 range since Uldir.

I’ve been raidleading since Ny’alotha and still doing it right now. I’m usually playing a healer but I don’t play any particular class or specialization. I will rather swap around to whatever is the strongest or brings the most benefits to my group in the content I’m doing.

My interests in WoW is limited to raiding and Mythic+ solely. Primarily the higher ends of that content aswell so I hope to be able to provide feedback towards those areas of WoW.


Hey all,

I’m Blladee (read: Blade), longtime GM of Id Crit That on US-Arthas Horde.

I and my guild have consumed this game at several different “levels”, from very casual mog collection to mythic raiding and pushing high (relatively speaking) keys.

My WoW journey began back in '08-'09 during Wrath, and in true noob fashion I never hit max level until Cata because I had absolutely 0 idea what I was doing.

Currently I enjoy leading my guild in Normal/Heroic Raid, pushing some keys, and acting like I have any idea what I’m doing in Arena. I also find myself enjoying a variety of “legacy” content, from mog collection to doing absolutely random achievements with my friends.

My desire to join the Community Council was simple: I interact with a wide variety of players in my guild and friend groups, and I personally have enjoyed a wide variety of aspects of this game; I would like to bring my their ideas to the table with the understanding that WoW is not singular in its purpose, and caters to a wide variety of playstyles.

I look forward to my time here on the council and hope to have a net positive outcome in the eyes of the community.


Hello everyone. I am Tábitha, a US Horde player on Quel’thalas. I have been a DK main since WotLK. I am not a CE Player, nor a super mythic + farmer. I have my KSM and my AOTC thats all :smiley: I really like having achievement, so far I have 32k points, Also, collect mounts and pets.

Greetings to all! and remember WOW is a great game!


Hey everyone!

I am Totemicslaw. I have been playing WoW since May 2005, and have been playing MMO’s in general since the year 2000. I knew I just had to get this game after seeing the G4 episode of “Cheat” that featured World of Warcraft and I saw all the cool easter eggs in the game.

I started out as a Dwarf Paladin and this shaman was created in The Burning Crusade as a level 49 twink. Come Wrath of the Lich King he was my full time main! I did hardcore raiding back in Vanilla/TBC/WotLK but have slowly fallen off of it since then. Did a brief stint of main tanking during Legion during Antorus (the Argus fight remains one of my favorite fights to this day).

These days, I just really enjoy doing transmog runs, mount runs, and a little bit of RP on Moon Guard ( Got in to RP June 2021 on another character).

My true passion of the game comes in assisting new and returning players tho. I try to make the experience for them as welcoming as possible. I remember what it was like back in 2005 having an experienced person answer my questions and I want to reciprocate that for others in game.

Looking forward to being on this Council and adding my input on subjects where I could give some great feedback.


Hey guys!~

My name is Killzskillz, I play on the Frostmourne server and I am a dedicated CE raider and relatively hardcore M+ pusher.

Although I play Rogue now, and have been for the entirety of Shadowlands, I enjoyed a few other classes before this expansion, such as Mistweaver Monk and Protection Paladin. I originally began my WoW journey at the very beginning of WoD and had traditionally been a casual player up until the past 2 years wherein I started to really test my limits in WoW. I enjoy helping out in the Rogue discord Ravenholdt by answering questions and even ask a few of my own to brush up and make sure I’m up-to-date on my information. I know a decent chunk of information about most other classes in this game but my true calling is definitely Rogue and all its facets.

I also love to occasionally tmog or mount hunt. Though I spend most of my time in WoW primarily doing M+ when I’m not raiding or otherwise.

I’m hoping that my experience in the harder areas of WoW will provide helpful and knowledgeable feedback for the game in the future! I hope you all enjoy your time in WoW as much as I do, and I’m glad to be able to participate in this Council. :slight_smile:



I am Darkal and I play since late WoD.

I started playing this game because of achievements, but over the years, this game got me with its possibilities for collecting all of the stuff. It does not matter if it’s achievement, mount, pet, toy, quest, appearance or something esle, I collect it all.

I always go for curve achievement, keystone master and elite set in the current season. Even thought now I do +20s since there are rewards too, but I enjoy the challange of it.

Probably what got me most into collecting was the ranking webpage DataForAzeroth. I quickly fell in love with this site and started to collect even more. I even offered my help to the creator of this site (shoogen) and I contribute with bug fixes and other stuff ever since then.
I am also active contributor of All The Things addon where I want to make it as much accurate as possible to help people with their collection so they can see what and where they miss.

If you ask me what I like the most, then it’s quests and appearances. I love quests from story point of view, both Alliance and Horde.

My main is elemental shaman, but I can play nearly all specs of all classes.
My favourite classes are all but cloth users (I am sorry to all priests, warlocks and mages).

I also do a little of goldmaking to cover my needs for collection stuff, since a lot of things is very pricy in this game.

I try to stay active in multiple discord servers filled with collectors from the whole world as well as trying to help the others with their collecting or other needs.

I am really happy to be here and I will try my best to come up with helpful ideas and opinions.


Greetings everyone, it’s nice to meet all of you!

It’s a pleasure to be invited here and I’d like to thank you for doing so. Y’all may call me by my character name Xhelann.

I’ve been a long-time player and fan of the Warcraft franchise. Having played each of the Warcraft games and then getting into World of Warcraft.

I’ve done a wide variety of content in the past but currently, I’m primarily a more casual player, playing in both Retail WoW and WoW Classic on both factions. My main focuses tend to be questing and leveling new alts, experiencing the story/world of the game, doing some collecting, and doing the occasional Roleplay. I love transmog and creating my own outfits. Also I do dabble into the gold-making side of Azeroth from time to time. I keep up with various communities across many aspects of the game.

A little about me: I’m Autistic, I’m queer and I am disabled.

I hope to be able to provide some valuable insight and will enjoy talking with you all in the community.

Things I’m looking forward to talking about are aspects of community and Roleplay, ways to improve the game through progressive aspects, and speaking about some accessibility issues where I can place input.

I’m also looking forward to talking about World design/world building, story, lore, the questing/leveling aspects, various other gameplay aspects (to put it simply whatever comes to mind I can provide some feedback/suggestions for), and character customization.


Hey friends,

I’m Marohnak, a dedicated collector of all things, as well an ex-Mythic raider and a M+ pusher. I main a hunter for the Horde, but I’ve tried playing every specs and roles in a variety of content. I’ve got many alts across different realms and factions.

I’m looking forward to discuss with the other members of the council and figure out the good and the bad sides of WoW, hear what people think, and share my thoughts with you all.



I’m Linaori and I play mainly on Ragnaros-EU. In WoW I dabble in raiding where my guild usually aims to complete at least half the bosses on Mythic by the end of the season, and I enjoy pushing M+ keys. Last season I managed to push a few to +24 and I’m happy to have reached that level as it’s a personal record. When I’m not doing either of those you can often find me tinkering with my UI or playing epic battlegrounds.

As much as I love tinkering with my UI, it sadly also comes as part of a necessity. Due to ADHD (and other limitations this meat sack gives me) I often struggle keeping my attention and focus with what I’m doing, making raiding and M+ harder for me than it realistically should be. This is why I constantly fiddle with my UI to try and come up with new and improved ideas to keep my attention and alert me of things I’d have otherwise missed. Things like adding custom spoken alerts when cooldowns are ready, using audio to alert me of certain things I’d have missed visually, or trying to position things around the areas of my screen I actually look at while playing so I don’t forget it exists.

Other than that I also enjoy trying out new addons and weak auras, helping out testing for issues, and I’m part of the WowUp team. I don’t mind going out of my way to verify and report bugs for any of those (including WoW, I’m a snitch).

With the above points in mind, I’m hoping to contribute and voice my opinion in relation to accessibility, addons/ui, raiding, M+, and the long lost child: Epic Battlegrounds :grin:

TL;DR: hi :wave:


Hi friends!

Encounter designer here, been working on the Dungeons & Raids team for roughly… 9 years now. I’ve been with Blizzard for about 14 years so we go way back! Previously, I started out in Customer Service and then went through a bunch of our games as Quality Assurance (Starcraft, then World of Warcraft, then Titan, then Diablo) before settling in on an Encounter Designer for World of Warcraft.

I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla, originally starting with an Undead Priest way back in the day. Nowadays, I’m playing a Mechagnome Hunter! I tend to swap classes every expansion or so.

I’m a constant forums-reader and hope to hear from (and talk to) everyone more!


Sinu a’manore!

I’m Bel, happy (and somewhat intimidated) to be here and meet everybody. I got into WoW because I was obsessed with the Warcraft RTS games. I first started out on US servers - my last home on that side of the ocean was Mok’Nathal and the character I’m using on this forum used to be my main for quite a while. I switched over to EU mid-Cata, because that’s where I’m actually located.

My primary in-game interests nowadays are collections (I’m especially interested in collecting crafting recipes) and goldmaking - I’m not a hardcore goblin, but I do know my way around the Auction House. I’m especially interested in ALL the in-game ships - not like Wranduin and stuff, but uhh… you know, naval vessels?

Looking forward to all the discussions and I’ll try my best to contribute (even though I’m still a little intimidated :sweat_smile:).



I am Nightstalker, playing on Blackhand-EU since day one of the EU servers. Warcraft 3 and it’s TFT RPG-campaign as well as the experience with early 2000s open world RPGs (Gothic 1&2) brought me towards WoW in the first place. The large variety of gameplay and experiences with other players have kept me around ever since.

From BG premade groups and a MC guild grp in Vanilla I got into regular raiding in TBC and stuck to the raid group I got into during T6 progression until it disbanded in early BFA. We didn’t always clear the highest raid tier but it was good enough to serve my gear and parsing ambitions. After a brief stint in a pusher guild during EP and early Nya’lotha mythic I left on bad terms just to watch that guild disband anyway some time later. Ever since I have been pugging heroic and gotten some mythic kills later on.

Outside of raiding I’ve been doing rated PvP every now and then while the majority of my PvP experience is just rnd BGs for fun and AVs. Mythic plus has been a solid side activity for me since early Legion since I don’t have to fully commit to fotm to get the regular rewards (15-20) done.

When it comes to solo gameplay I have been dabbling in self imposed challenges for old content since early TBC when clearing vanilla 5mans as early and good as it gets. This turned into farming ZG and any other accessable raid instances from early Wrath on. Towards the end of Cataclysm I managed to get some World 1st solo kills (for warriors) in TBC and Wrath content and pushed protection warrior soloing to its absolute limits in MoP. Legacy scaling and class changes as well as more seasonal power bumps in WoD lessened my interest in this over time. I still check out the current soloing capabilities for the most recent xpac every now and then but no longer to push as far and early as it is possible.
This doesn’t mean that this kind of old content is dead to me. I still farm a ton of legacy content each week and will claim that I have a good overview on where pacing and acquisition works and where not.

Getting by in this game in just the aspect of gold has changed a lot for me over time. I left the early years of grinding behind me once I joined the AH junky ranks in mid Cataclysm. Ever since I’ve been raking in way more than I need while over time observing the rise of addon (ab)use leading towards the ruining of profit margins for the regular crafting markets.

Reflecting on my own experience as well as the overall changes in this game and it’s playerbase as well as their approach to it has been a thing since the days of Cataclysm. Never on a public level but still in many private conversations with other raid members or players with a similar mindset and experience.

Regarding “other players”: During the last few years I have been focussing on observing other players behaviour and approach to the game especially in the open world or rather outside of instanced/encounter situations. This became even more relevant since I joined the mentor chat in 9.0. Beyond advice through the chat alone I also have been directly guiding many new players over the last 1.5 years. There is a lot in this game that keeps them engaged and curious but also a lot that is very abrasive and unintuitive.

So there is a lot to talk about for me. Then again I’ve also spend a lot of time in this game.

Looking forward to giving feedback for productive conversations.


Hey y’all – I’m Shrike!

I recently joined Blizzard as a designer on the combat team. I’m new to working in the games industry, having most recently been in general aviation as a mechanical engineer. I started playing WoW in Legion prepatch and immediately dove into raiding. I’ve even been in the Hall of Fame once or twice, although I think those days are behind me now!

I’m a tank through-and-through, and have made a habit of class-hopping over the tiers as balance or utility needs have demanded – and sometimes just for fun! The bulk of my time’s been spent on brewmaster (and I have no shortage of sticky note diagrams to show for it), but my heart’s always been with my paladin.

My introduction to game design was through analysis as a player; I was drawn to analyzing my own gameplay, which quickly evolved into analyzing and explaining class and boss mechanics. I liked to write and think about some of the secondary effects of tank gameplay, and the less-visible ways your decisions impact your group’s success.

I’m really excited about getting to bring my perspective and ideas to WoW, and looking forward to collaborating with you all!



I’m Sunders (he/him). I’ve been at Blizzard for 9 years, starting my career in QA, and I’ve been on WoW for a little over 6. I’m currently a member of the combat design team, but I’ve had my hand in rewards and various progression systems over the years as well. As a player I enjoy raiding with friends, gathering transmog (especially weapons), and working on professions.

It’s great seeing all the excitement around here for Dragonflight, and I’m looking forward to the discussions as we move forward!


Hey Everyone,

I’m a rewards and profession designer fairly new to the WoW team, but have been working in game development for over 15 years now. I have also been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla and have enjoyed nearly every activity in the game at different times.

Since joining the team I have been heavily involved in the Professions revamp for Dragonflight and have been super excited to hear all your reactions and feedback for the system so far!

In the near future, I’m planning on posting more about professions to help fill in some additional details and hear your responses. The feature is in active development and all of your feedback is invaluable to making the feature the best possible experience for everyone!