Infinite timereaver mount

Post your drop here.

P.S mine hasn’t dropped yet.

Currently at 9 bosses so far and spending tomorrow farming.

Good luck to you if yours hasn’t dropped yet

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It took me years of TW dungeons before it dropped. Grats to anyone that gets it in a timely manner though.


Not yet in my case good luck anyone who wants it

Ah yes, the Infinite Time-Waster eludes me yet again.


Got mine when it was first released during a Wrath TW event, where it dropped unexpectedly on the fifth last boss for the 5 TW dungeon weekly.

Still have zero luck on Ashes of Alar, Invincible, etc…


I got mine last go around. It now collects dust, with all the rest of the mounts relegated to being just another number in my collection bag.


I passed it twice to other players when I used to pug tank to grind badges. :robot::shield:

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it took me like 3 yrs to get it. I used to farm tw a bunch on different toons.

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I wouldnt mind if the timereaver collects dust. Its just something i really really want.

Ill ride it for like a week then itll be benched like my other unobtainable mounts.


I got mine first drop on first boss the week it was released for TW. Never have I ever been that lucky. It makes up for the 2.5 years I had to camp Huolon, while people were getting those reigns to drop multiple times in a row during MoP.

I got mine earlier this year while leveling an alt after years of trying.

If I could, I would gladly give you the one I got. I seem to fall into that (use one or two mounts) group.

You poor soul. You poor, poor soul.


Oh believe me. I know its 0.025% drop. 1 in 500-1500 boss kills.

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Got mine back in legion. Didnt realize its rare.

Best mount in the game

GL to those still in the grind

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I’ve seen it four times, I think, in all these years since TW first started. I can’t remember when I got mine to drop, but it was a very long time ago. Since then, I have seen two in Slands and one during DF. So that’s something for ya at least.


Im the type of person when i set my mind to something i dont quit until i get it done.

Just like my aotc achieves and rare mounts i got. Infinite timereaver has alluded me long enough.

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Got mine a couple years ago on my birthday, when a guildie gave it to me. Pretty sure I owe them a kidney now.


That mount is not worth a kidney price

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