Indesertus recruiting dps raiders(DF AOTC:8/8H, 9/9H,9/9H ) Tues/Thurs @7-10PM Pst

Looking for a couple solid pumpers for dps! Updated

need tank to help get us through heroic and into mythic!

still need a tank

dps and heals!

Looking for dedicated heals and dps for mythic raiding. Pushing heroic and normal clears in 1 night leaving plenty of room to focus on mythic.

We looking for some solid dps and a healer or 2 that are looking to push mythic. currently aotc and back from christmas break.

hit me up in game or bnet. darqjunglizt$1304

Could use a tank, some heals and a couple top dps who want to push mythic raids.

Need 1 tank, 3 healers, 3 ranged dps(hunter/mage/lock) for mythic raid team!