Indesertus recruiting dps raiders(DF AOTC:8/8H, 9/9H,9/9H ) Tues/Thurs @7-10PM Pst

Hello all. We are an old school guild. Been around since 2008. Many of us have raided top tier in previous years. no longer looking to be part of the rat race but still want to get stuff done. Thats how we raid.

DF AOTC: Vault, Aberrus

We are looking for a couple solid dps and maybe a healer and a tank for the next raid.

We need people who can commit to a tues/thurs 7-10 pm pst raid schedule. We do not require you to have a million alts so we can be top on server. We just require you to play and play well. Many of us do mythic plus. We also have alts that we play and raid with for fun not for mandatory.

If you think we can be a fit contact any of us in game or message on here. Thanks all and good luck.

Currently Need:

1 Hunter, 1 Mage, 1 non prot pally tank.

If you a solid player and your class not listed though please apply.

Tank spots are definitely full atm. but there will always be room for tanks with the m+ groups. most our guys over 2k and still pushing. But raid wise, due to the vanilla issue of making all raids only 2 tank fights, its hard to have that many tanks. But if you ok with main dps spot on raid and tank for m+ definitely reach out.

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Hey, 395 MM hunter here looking for a raid team. Hit me up on Disc or Bnet. Vandermar#1982 for Disc, Vandermar#1338 on Bnet. Thanks!

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sent in bnet darqjunglizt

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bump. Getting ready for next patch.

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I am here just vibing

Best Guild in the World <3

Come check it out !

LF Pumpers

bump for some new guys

bump it up!

some love in the bump

updated with current needs.

yay patch day. if you just coming back and lookng to raid, look us up.

spriest looking for raid home

hit me up
on same server even

whats our discord? im at work trying to sign up for raid lol

this guy LOL.

freshly updated

still looking

Hi! I’m new to Tich, came here from a super dead server, and your raid times align perfectly for my schedule. I main Enh shammy, but also play SV hunter, Holy Priest, and assassination rogue. While I’d prefer to raid on either shaman/hunter, I’m open to rerolling to another class/spec. HMU

Updated today