Incubus Glyph - as a balance to Succubus? Fun too

Would like it if they had kept up on the glyph system. They made it this cool way to customize your character then just let it die.


Can George Takei voice act it? I want mine to go “Oh my!”.


I mean Blizzard could create a version of incubi that isn’t, y’know, nonconsensual. But I think the crying would probably be about the same, considering that the WoW succubus isn’t exactly an evil temptress (beyond magically charming things) and we still have this thread.

I don’t think they’re problematic, but it seems like there is a post on here at least once a month about it, lately.

I am genuinely curious - how does one differentiate if an infernal is male or female?


Just gonna repost this:

Please support great demon roster customization

also reminder again the incubus glyph was promised to warlocks 10 years ago

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Yes yes!! it would be cool to have different races of them- undead Incubus, blood Elf incubus, Dwarf Incubus… maybe you cold only enslave the model from the other faction?

And I’d love a nice, intricate, long quest chain to unlock them!

OK, you can have your little fluffy Vulpera Incubus too!

The ol’ pink bow on the head, longer eyelashes or feminine clothing trick. Oldest trick in the book!

imagining infernals with bows, eyelashes and skirts hahaha…


I would be on board for this. Additionally I’d adore it if we could have the Fel-Succubus that wears pants and drips fel off her wings. That actually looks menacing. But more customization is always a great thing.

Let’s gooooo



Thanks, friend. Nice name btw.

Precious! NOOOOO!

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And here it goes. The “fun” of new forum blathering about this now begins to breed more bs posts of the same topic like the pride lgbt+ til it got a megathread…just stop…we dont need 1000 new post of the same thing each week. Lol

I’ve literally been waiting for this since they put in Inscription.

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Knowing how they draw genders in video games they’d more likely add badonkadonk boulders.

Lol, I know a few people who would roll a lock just to lead those around.

We really do not need that image in wow. But you can go to moonguard and rp that.

Oh they said we’d get an incubus

…back in MoP


They also said new dances, dance studio in wod, vash’jir raid, ect and that never came true. New demons/glyphs are pretty much dead at this point, you have too many demons anyway that fit every need.