Incredibly Disappointed - Anyone else considering cancelling sub?

I’m level 40 and a casual player, i’m just waiting for BG’s to come to level again and that’s perfectly fine, being a casual player.

That’s your solution, or reroll. All you’re doing is kicking and screaming because you’re not having your way. You and all the other alliance crying about this.

You can’t reason with these whiners. They will complain about anything; they LOVE playing victim. Gems like “I’m a father with 9 kids and can only play 1 hour a week, blizzard is terrible for not catering to me!” are the norm with these entitled people. They come to classic, join a PvP server, then complain that they’re getting ganked and demand Blizzard do something about it.

What’s funny is that most of these whiners will be gone after Christmas anyway so the real players have to suffer with all the changes Blizzard makes after bending over to them.


You don’t know what alliance is going through at the moment. If you played Vanilla and think the situation back then was remotely similar, for any faction, it just goes to show how ignorant Horde players are of the overall situation.

Servers back then had 1/5th of the population caps that we have on Classic. Even in imbalanced realms there was always somewhere to level and quest and roving gank squads were just an occasional annoyance.


I feel that the issue is likely harder to appreciate as a Horde player. It’s just simply unfeasible to level outside of dungeons, I suppose - and to me it seems that if battlegrounds were released already that this wouldn’t be happening. Yes, you would still see crazy stuff happening at Blackrock Mountain, Hillsbrad, etc - but no matter what zone we have tried to level in we just get camped every time we have logged in since the honor process came out.

I just don’t believe that this experience is “truly authentic Classic”, and think it is irresponsible for the developers to not have sated some of the bloodthirst by releasing battlegrounds.

I know this is the internet, but I feel like there’s reason in the argument from my side…


This made me giggle, good one sir

Wouldn’t that make it classic?

No… we came for the nostalgia, which if Pservers are any indication, MEAN bugs and all.

Which are being fixed constantly…

Have you continued to report it as bugged?

Developers’ note: We’re seeing some players attack others by abusing line-of-sight rules in Gadgetzan. This disruption is against our Terms of Service (as it was in 2006) and we’re taking action against players who exploit this game mechanic. While this new range differs slightly from orginal WoW 1.12, it better enforces the authentically intended consequence of PvPing in a goblin city by challenging the attacker to fight, die, or escape the guards.

Uhh… read notes before being that guy.

Times change. Get used to it.

Please rephrase this in english. Please. Do it on a computer, not your phone. I’d like to actually know what you mean.

15 bucks in 2004 dollars is $20.49 in 2019. I somehow doubt if it cost $20.49 you’d not be complaining though.

And more importantly…

They, nor we, will miss you either. Enjoy your next endeavor.


I see your first mistake. If you wanted to casually enjoy PvP, you should have rolled Normal, and flagged. Why you didn’t expect that you were going to get annihilated with all the sixties just itching for kills is beyond me.


Nope. Absolutely loving Classic!


Since blizzard is greedy then I’ve been greedy too, only subbing 28 days a month to raid log. Those days in between raids I have no reason to sub

I joined netherwind for the same reason. Now just sit inside brd and look for groups to level as a healer.

Years of posts here don’t mean much to someone who just joined the forum 2 hours ago.

Warnings on these forums are useless to casuals because casuals do not frequent these forums.

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Why should he have expected that?

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And I will be one of them. Death to the Horde. Never gonna quit!

I will use Overpower on you with extreme prejudice, sir! The gloves are off, and the meaty green fists are out to play!

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Lol Warzagg I am not popping Evasion around you that’s for sure. Happy hunting brother. Just watch your back!

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If you didn’t want to PvP why did you make your character on a PvP server?


piss of with that, troll.

I’ve played on PvP servers for 15 years and it never got this bad.


People keep throwing around how the pop cap is much higher than Vanilla, yet I haven’t seen one piece of objective evidence that this is the case.

Lol, what about blue posts directly telling us with no room for ambiguity that “medium” servers nowadays hold more people than “full” servers back then?

Not that it is the only piece of evidence, or even the most conclusive one. It is just as ridiculously obvious as the Earth being round.

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That’s regarding layered realms. Don’t conflate those with single server realms.