Increased Loot Drops with 12-Month Cadence?

Nah reading is hard because I have very clearly stated multiple times that I don’t care whether there is increased loot. Get this through your head. I DON’T CARE WHETHER THEY INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF LOOT. Should I repeat it a few more times?

This is what I mean when I say people like you are intentionally obtuse. It doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter what you say. All that matters is blizzard’s bottom line and the bottom line for this particular classic structure is VERY likely to be increased with increased loot. Straight up, I expect them to increase it and I expect people like you to come crying on the forums about it all while continuing to subscribe and play on those servers.

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Did i say they were perfect? No. I said they tried to be authentic. Did I say they had no bots or gold buyers? No. I know that if you got caught buying gold or botting on ND/Nost, you did get a ban. Unlike on classic.

Also you always have to see it in regards to the 15 dollar fee. Did nost cost you 15 dollars a month? No. Does Classic? yes. Is the quality the same… even if you downplay nost and say… well its about the same, its still better value overall.

Its not my word, its a fact. Layering, server mismanagment, phases, broken promises on when to release said phases etc. (thats just a small part) are all documented facts on how Lizzard launched classic. Its not my word, its what they did. Nost had bugs yes, nost wasn’t perfect yes, but did they try to recreate vanilla? yes. Progressive itemization, no cross faction BGs (that was a thing at the very very end of 1.12, before TBC pre patch), no layering etc.

Again not perfect, but what you expect? Its a private enterprise.

Even in the classic there wasn’t #no changes. They couldn’t control themselves.

And yea, you might be right, maybe they delete the servers come the 12 month mark… but all i said was, if they do, you might as well play the better versions of the game that are out there then. Thats all i said.

Well if they do, its completely against what they claim they want to achieve with this iteration of classic.

Classic WoW launched Aug 2019 and TBC prepatch was live May 2021.

Leveling was slower than it will be in SoM, so that added a week or so. On top of that, everyone except the sweaties (or baddie GDKP carries) quit farming Naxx 2-3 months earlier, making the true cadence 19-20months.

Considering how common Thunderfury is in TBC, I’d say the drops rates are just fine and will still be fine with a 12 month cadence.

Stop the pathetic attempt at getting Blizz to hand out loot faster because you feel entitled to be fully geared before each new raid. That’s what split runs are for, but you are just too lazy to do it.

except most vanilla raid encounters are not skill checks, but rather gear checks

It doesn’t matter how “skilled” you are when you don’t have enough resistance gear to handle mechanics, or enough DPS or healing because you’re not geared enough

People <60 cleared Classic MC in week 1 wearing greens.

The only dps issue will be Sapphiron without WBs, which is a good thing.

If you want more gear per week, you can do split runs with your guild.

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blizzard has never done anything like that before. i highly doubt they will start now, when it’s very easy for them to just keep the characters and servers around, and offer paid transfers and other services lol

Sweaty Mode Engaged.

They’ve never spun up new servers with a new cadence anywhere like this before. What happens in 5 years when there’s 1000 dead servers and it’s Season 6?

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They just posted an entry you should read. This sounds very much like they are not locked into “what they’ve done before”.

sure sounds like they’re going to allow your characters to persist in some way and not just automatically delete them in 12 months. kind of exactly what i said.

Glad to see you know agree with me then, since my point was they won’t:

but rather they will need to either move or remove characters. Note that they didn’t say the servers will persist.

Or you just swipe the credit card get into a GDKP and you have all your BiS for phase 2 ezpz


Not being trolly here, but I don’t see why it’s necessary that everyone gets fully geared. I kind of like the idea that gear will be more scarce. Seems like it’ll mean more when you get a piece.

What are you even going on about? Wow token isn’t in classic.

Don’t need increased loot drops.


To be up front, I don’t personally care whether they add more loot. Their statement pretty well says they won’t which TBH I am pretty surprised by.

If we are talking MC / BWL I agree. Once we start moving into AQ40 and Naxx the lack of gear starts to really show and my big concern is that they will lose a ton of subscriptions due to a lot of guilds / players who were able to clear the content in Classic who will not be able to do so in SoM.

That said, I think this change (well, lack of change) will have the direct effect of making SoM waaaaaaaaay closer to what it felt like trying to progress in Vanilla. I just think that a lot of people will be turned off by the challenge. That doesn’t make their choice to not add more loot wrong.

People buy gold without tokens. Two seperate raiding guilds i was in told me they had their personal sellers for gold / bulk lotus and plaguebloom. Now come to think about it, I had 7 60’s and raided in 5 guilds and every single one atleast 1 member who openly talked about buying gold. It’s so common.

Well thats their choice to put their account at risk.

“Their choice” affects server economy, guild participation, and health of the game. There is a lot of content out there explaining how elements of p2w are parasitic to mmo’s.

The issue of accelerated raid schedules and loot scarcity is that the design rewards buying gold and participating in gdkps greater than Classic did, where it was a problem there. If gold has greater value then botting also yields greater rewards.

It may sound like just complaining to you but prior to Classic’s launch I wrote long posts on RP-PVP servers, I made a discord for all RP-PVP Guild leaders to amplify each other’s content to get the servers and eventually they were added. Grobbulus RP-PVP ended as a top 4 populated realm in NA. I like this game a lot and I don’t want to just say “game’s sh!t” because it doesn’t have to be.


No point in worrying about things that are beyond my control. I can’t stop people from buying gold so I don’t make a big deal about it.

Still trying to figure out just what you are going on about too. Nothing you’ve said has had any relation to my initial post.