Incorporeal Affix in M+ Feedback and it needs to be removed

Stop saying this. Interrupts help. Stuns help. Its not like they cant do anything.


Don’t forget hex! :joy:. I run M+ with a monk tank so with his paralysis and my hex incorporeal is a non issue. Although they can spawn at some pretty gamey times. Like someone already mentioned, the dragon boss in VP kinda sucks.

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Why is it always a warrior complaining about Incorporeal?

You don’t see me complaining that I can’t do anything about Afflicted. I’m bound to lose out on group opportunities because I can’t contribute dispels to the group with Afflicted, but I’m not gonna complain about it. Because not all affixes are designed for every class, and I understand that.

Warriors Really Making Memes Real Lately.


Well the ones it replaced were way worse. I’ll take this over explosives any day.

I feel like this experiment lacks some controls. i personally would be very hard pressed to invite a DPS warrior on ANY week. I need 1 hero, 1 brez, and 1 melee kick on someone besides the tank. For that 1 (ish) melee spot, theres much stronger choices. (/looks over at Ret making up 25% of all melee dps in 20+ keys)

As for incorporeal - it’s super easy and it isn’t the problem with this week.
The problem this week is that spiteful are cancer.


Warriors trying to take over the title of skill issue whiners from hunters.


Warriors are pretty low on desired tank right now too, as I can’t get invites even to 20s I’ve already timed this weekend. The meta chase in the pug scene hasn’t felt this extreme since BFA (where DPS warriors were an actual liability in high keys due to survivability issues).

Its easy until its not. Incorporeal is extremely easy to deal with most of the time. But once in a while you get a spawn thats unimaginably bad and has potential to wipe the group.

Movement heavy boss fight where being out of position gets you killed? Incorp spawns 40 yards away on the opposite end of the boss arena. Probably going to wipe.

Other then that specific kind of scenario its been easy for me.


Had one spawn in a place no one could see in 1 Halls of Infusion +15 3rd boss today. Three of us were on discord and none of us even noticed it up even when we had 1 stack on us. I saw it right as it was finishing the 2nd stack on us, and my freezing trap flew out of my body as I was falling over dead, ending its casting.

The other 4 managed to survive and they killed the boss, but yea, sometimes the Incorporeal spawns are so inconvenient and hard to see, even though they’re designed to be easy to see, they somehow find ways to hide themselves.

Paladin and druid have a cast time, but at least I have a CC.

A single stun of any sort should be enough to stop it, that’s half the problem. Once you get to higher keys and need to stop and cast, especially on a random add that may or may not spawn and could spawn in a terrible location, you are taking risks.

It’s not like a caster who can work around what is happening and a tank who is moving the enemies here or there, it’s an additional enemy that just pops up and sometimes in a terrible location with a short cast time that by the time you see it and get in a safe spot to use your stun it’s either casted or you need to move somewhere safe.

One scenario listed and you think it’s OK? There are tons of times you just cannot get your full CC off and need to pop a short duration stun or overlap kicks on it to wait until you can get your full stun off.

First boss on UR, if you start casting your stun and the green goo pops up at the exact same time, or the boss ports on top of you, then you HAVE to to move and risk the incorp going off. Second boss in UR, the adds around the second boss in UR, in fact that entire dungeon on a high key if you don’t do the base dungeon mechanics and the incorp overlaps just at the wrong time you risk wiping.

In fact if you look through every dungeon, there are some mechanics that if an incorp shows up at the wrong time on many adds and every boss, it’s a wipe.

It’s not a niche scenario, it just means you may need to stop casting and interrupt or do a short stun before a full stun, and that’s 2-3 seconds potentially per DPS, per incorp that shows up and if you miss and a cast goes off, it’s straight up a wipe on high keys.

At your key level it’s not an issue mostly, maybe on fort week on certain keys in certain situations it becomes an issue rarely.

In most dungeons Spiteful is fine because you can just kite them and keep out of range, and if you have a druid, mass entanglement (or any mass CC like warrior shout or whatever) means they are literally a non issue.

And what happens when the tank pulls big, you end up with 10 spiteful adds and then boom, 2 incorps spawn? Too busy running from the spiteful to CC the incorp and even if you just run around and wait for them all to despawn, how many keys have you been in that were over by a couple of seconds? That little bit of time spent with all those spiteful and than some incorp, that’s your key time done.

if there was no incorp, or you could just use any CC to stop them, there would be no problem.

I’m enjoying incorporeal. Entangling was a nothing affix and wasn’t really fun but incorporeal requires attention and action without being overly punishing. The only improvement I’d make is have them disappear when cced so multiple people don’t target one


No, a single stun shouldnt be enough. Stop being a child.

Why are you making full caster groups?

Yes. Thats ok.

I dont care about your casts. Not every class needs to cast to cc. If casting is such a problem stop making groups full of people that need to cast to cc.

Thats how affixes work bruh. Get used to it. Theres always counterplay. The times there truly was no counterplay are the times blizzard has made changes (i.e. times the group is forced to stack for something when dealing with quaking)

Stop making up bs instead of simply playing the affixe.

That’s why I said limited experience. I’m still working on gearing in +13-17 key range. I haven’t been able to play much this month due to IRL. It very well might become an issue in higher keys, but right now it’s fairly easy to manage.

I don’t agree that it needs to be removed, but I would like to see some updates.

  1. Two incorporeals spawn: We need better protection against everyone CCing the same incorporeal. Color them differently, name the second one something else, increase their cast time so we can react to our current target getting CC’d. Something.

  2. Spawn locations: They should spawn near the mobs we are fighting, NOT near the players. When it spawns near the ranged player, and it’s behind them, and nobody can see them until the stars from their casts start inundating the entire group, it’s a wipe.

  3. Once it’s CC’d, it needs to disappear immediately. There’s enough effects on the screen as-is.


I mean, I honestly don’t. See how it’s a big deal. Granted, I’m a holy pally and I can lock down both mobs and the DPS can still do their DPS things.

The amount of CC that work on them. they’re honestly a non-issue.

Honestly they feel like they have too much HP. Was doing a 17 BH yesterday and they took forever to die and get us out of combat to the point we just cleared all the trash and then went back to get the cages. It was dumb.

P.S.: Gnashtooth’s damage in that key needs some serious nerfs, it was literally one-shotting people.

This has been a major issue. Having them spawn half way across the map is annoying as all get out.

This would solve your (1) point too. You can’t cast or target something for CC if it’s already gone.

Mostly. I had a UR run just now, started casting my turn evil on the first boss and boom, both the boss and the add ported on top of me. I had to decide, move and let the cast go off or just die because I could not get out in time, and that was a 13.

Yes I farm 11+ because I still don’t have a good DPS trinket. But things can go wrong at any key level with enough bad luck.

And they should not spawn on top of each other when 2 spawn, that’s the worst.

What do you say in disc? I’ll grab the one closest to me? The left one? Whose left?

Yeh when you can do both at the same time sure it’s a non issue, you don’t have to worry about someone else not doing it. But when you have a group and need someone else to help, and it never comes or they are late, or you both do the same one, yeh it can be a problem.

One of the easiest affixes ever, no, don’t remove it.

Lmao this man cannot be serious

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Oh I’m sorry Mr. Perfect Neverhadaprobleminmylifeever, not everyone no lifes this game and thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Sometimes affixes and mechanics overlap and yes, they can kill you, get over yourself

There’s 4 other people in the group, likely at least 2-3 of them could have helped, its not all on one person.

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