Incendius 100% alliance

Incendius is 100% alliance. 2561 population.
Stalagg is 100% horde. 2522 population. F**KIN MERGE THEM


They would all just transfer off again. They don’t want actual pvp servers.


Why merge them?

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Why does no one blame the Alliance on Incendius for ‘ruining the server’ and 'forcing people out" like they do with Horde on Stalag and Skeram?


Both servers ended up this way for a reason and it was a conscious and concerted effort by a few guilds.


They do.

Anyone who knows Incendius already knows that it wasn’t just the Earthfury transfers that caused the server to become like this. It just happened later than it happened on Skeram.

i feel like it started when free transfers were available and it skewed the population


Equal population of opposing factions, definitely need a merge


please merge them its not hard blizz, but wait i forget they are small indie company


they alliance didnt force anyone out, its just that once the horde cant mob they dont want to be there anymore and move servers to go mob somewhere else


The alliance population was also growing at a rapid rate even before the free transfers opened up.

Incendius was full of refugees from servers like Skeram and Blizz refused to shut down paid transfers.


thats pretty amazing, im server shopping and didnt even notice it. i seen that it was close, been a few days since ive checked. looks like there is no more raiding enemy faction on either now.
guess thats what they want. the numbers themselves arent that high, even if log’s are just counting all characters and not just accounts.

That’s the raiding population which is 100% ally but yeah.

I really don’t think the people left on these 98%+ servers want the other faction there.

True story, so I was leveling an alliance on my server (Earthfury). Some of the final horde remaining on Incendius transferred over here in the last few weeks. So I’m out there with my level 40 alliance and I get ganked by a level 60 from this guild that had just transferred over. Ganking happens all the time, no big deal, but what followed was interesting.

So I ran back and I saw he’s there escorting 3 lower level guildies so they can do their Swamp of Sorrows quests (which is pretty much a vacant zone), not helping them quest but just sitting there to protect them… and I’m like what the hell happened on their last server that they feel the need to have a level 60 there to protect 3 questers everywhere?

In another way this reminded me of when we had the Skeram and Stalagg alliance transfer to Earthfury in phase 2 and they would run around with 15 man groups just slaughering horde (and the horde pop was like 40% at the time) and these transfers were clearly wanting to get back at some horde for getting ganked so much.


I wish more people understood this. There’s a reason pvp servers naturally become so imbalanced.


why join a pvp server if you dont want pvp?


If they merge Incendius and Stalagg my muscles would be disappoint.

Now Heartseeker and Stalagg. Yeah! That’s a big muscle move!

Also Pvp server imbalance is from server size, but you can’t convince people that because ‘you thought you did, but didn’t’ Which is a hilarious thing to say considering here we are in classic. Not very muscle brainy to think it’s the people’s fault blizz made poor decisions during the games startup and then even more during it with transfers during P2. You just want to be right because you don’t like it so that must be the case lmmo.

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Skeram is fine. We raid, we farm, we pvp, we do 5mans. Trade chat is dead, but most anything I want to get I can find in guild.


why disappoint. they are equal pop 2.5k ally to 2.5k horde. would be perfect

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My guild and I started out on Skeram and we felt forced to transfer to Incendius in February. So I think I have an interesting perspective, being on a 100% horde server, then a 100% Alliance one.

The Horde on Skeram and the Alliance on Incendius are absolutely not to blame for the imbalance. In fact, it’s the opposite. Skeram died because a few chicken littles on the Alliance thought the server was more imbalanced than it actually was. These cowards fled to Heartseeker, and then Skeram died its slow death.

When we got to Incendius, it was one of the most populated servers and had a good split of Alliance and Horde. It got so bad, however, in Mid-March with the queues. In April when they opened free transfers off, it was the Horde that instigated a mass migration off Incendius and flee to servers like Netherwind and Earthfury. No communication with Alliance whatsoever to try and balance out the transfers so that Incendius wouldn’t become another Heartseeker or a reverse Skeram.

So are we upset that practically all the Horde are gone? Of course. It’s unfortunate that a massive group of Horde decided to flee in the dead of night without talking to anyone, but now we have to live with it. And in the end, my guild and I are just a bunch of chad dads that enjoy our world buffs and free open world farming. Ultimately, though, I blame Blizzard for having a total hands-off approach to managing WoW Classic.

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