In regards to the vanishing in shop transmog

I have the authenticator and SMS enabled on my account. I randomly lose access to my Shop transmogs, Blizzcon mog, and my RaF transmog.

My apologies didn’t mean to categorize this issue incorrectly. Though I did tell a gm how I fixed it after submitting a ticket.

I have tried all of the above and this has not fixed the issue for me. I find it unacceptable that real money purchases do not work and will be asking for a refund for my just-purchased six month subscription. If I pay for a product, I expect it to actually exist and be usable. This is unethical to me, to be honest. If it was a bug with something I earned in game without real money, that I would have patience for. Things happen and I understand that bugs happen. But when I purchase something for real money, that is when I will not tolerate my product disappearing. I hope my ticket response is positive and that I receive my refund.

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… given the rest of your post, I find this a bit hard to believe. :confused:

For something to be unethical, it’s intentional. Planned, done by design. All of which are things that a bug is not.

Given refund requests are extremely time-sensitive, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your ticket receives a favorable outcome. Do understand that by the time this situation is finally nailed down and firmly dealt with, this subscription promotion may no longer be in effect.

I do also want to note that what you’re purchasing is actually the subscription and access to characters level 20 and above. The extra goodies are, in essence, free incentives.


You conveniently left out the beginning of that.

Bugs happen, I can be patient for something that was earned through normal gameplay. But they should never happen for this long on items that are purchased with real money.

Not exactly.

Unethical behavior can be defined as actions that are against social norms or acts that are considered unacceptable to the public .

Except I outright purchased my Celestial transmog and my Sprite Darter transmog. Both of which were being used and neither exist anymore.

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I will be so glad to see this bug fixed, if only to have to stop seeing these posts, tbh.

But they do. You purchased them, you still own the mogs. But for some reason that has yet to be discovered, they appear and disappear at random from folks appearances/transmog options. That, at least, has been the case for everyone who has put in a ticket or has been spoken to by one of our SFAs here on the forums. They can always confirm that the mogs still are owned by the person.

Uh, yes. Exactly.

I will never, ever understand why people seem to think that Blizzard are sitting on their thumbs and just letting these things exist to cause havoc for players for absolutely no reason.

It has been communicated time and time again for the past 5 months since this issue began. While they know the bug exists, they have yet to figure out how or why it is happening. There isn’t some wide swath of XYZ data that it exists for everyone having this issue. There is no rhyme or reason to it that they have seen the pattern for. They don’t know why one person has this issue but this person doesn’t. What makes them available for one but the other is missing everything or only one piece or two.


I’m sorry that purchased items disappearing for others is such an offense to you.

And yet they don’t exist in my collections or on my characters that were using them right now.

If a product is bought and then unusable, that’s unacceptable to me.

I quoted precisely my meaning. Please reread it.

And I’ll never understand how you managed to glean any of that from what I said. Because it wasn’t said by me.

This issue has existed since the Wendigo Woolies released two years ago. We all know they can’t find the solution. It doesn’t make it acceptable that the issue is still happening after two years with no warnings to people or that portion of the store being temporarily unavailable.

Keep defending poor business practices, though. These types of responses are why they don’t pull products from the store until they’re fixed and just continue to take people’s money.


Well, if you know of a solution, I’m sure QA is all ears. They are hiring too, check the career section of the site.

Because it’s not happening to most everybody.


This isn’t a logical response. Just a dismissal.

I’d like a source on your numbers please.

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I’d like to see the source of yours? Because if there was a major issue, more people would be posting and Blizzard would have pulled the transmog from the store if they was the issue. They have done it before.

The bug is not game breaking, just annoying.


Where exactly did I give numbers?

Realoney purchases not existing is not acceptable.

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Now you are being combative, that’s why they lock these threads.

No they are not, but… deal with it or ask for a refund. It will be fixed when it is fixed.


You’re the one that came in here to be combative with me. If it gets locked, that’s not my fault. I’m responding politely to your comments and your dismissal.

And if you had read, I already have. But thank you for repeating what’s already been said just to try to have an argument for no reason.

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Posting here whining and moaning isn’t gonna do squat, QA does not come here for feedback or complaints. You was told where to complain about the issue.

I’ll link it for you.


No one was whining or moaning. I came in here to explain that the fixes posted did not work for me and gave my opinion on the situation. You chose to turn it into an argument and be dismissive.

I know how these forums work, thank you. Been in game since Vanilla and been on the forums since Wrath. There’s no need for the argumentative nature or condescension. Perhaps read the beginning of the conversation before you attempt to accuse people of things.

I’d suggest you try General Discussion if you wish to act this way and derail threads. Here, I’ll link it for you.

I’m not responding further to you. This has taken the topic of possible solutions way off base. Please try to stick to the thread’s purpose. Thanks and goodnight.

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In the game you paid real money for. I guess I don’t understand the distinction you’re making. As you said, bugs happen. Blizzard isn’t scamming anybody. If the bug was easy to identify, locate and fix, there is absolutely no reason why it wouldn’t be.


It did, and it was fixed.

It happened with the store bought helms, and it was fixed.

This new issue is wholly it’s own. It affects ALL store-bought mogs and the RAF rewards. They are three separate bugs. Two were fixed. This one is not as yet.

That part isn’t the issue. It’s the countless posts that keep reviving when others are getting locked because posting here in Customer Support does nothing. Customer Support here, is a player assisting other players forum. There are no GMs or Devs here. People chiming in to add their voices and then complaining about how they Know Things and that Blizzard is basically dumb, it gets tiresome honestly.

I am sorry people are having this issue. I really am. But it doesn’t belong in this forum. It needs to be in one of the hundreds of existing threads over in Bug Reports as Thundertotem linked. There are more threads cropping up every day.


I’m confused. You are upset about a transmog that you only paid money for, but aren’t about something you put time and effort as well as paid money for?

A bug is a bug. Paying money for it doesn’t stop it from having a bug. Paying money for it doesn’t automatically make a fix for the bug. As noted in the link provided by Leilleath, knowing there is a bug doesn’t automatically cause a solution to happen. If QA is unable to reporduce the bug, even on accounts and characters of players with the issue, then even knowing where to look in the code is almost impossible. How can they know they have a fix if they can’t reproduce the problem in the first place.?

I get that you are upset about the issue. It doesn’t make Blizzard’s actions unethical.


oh, you most certainly have been


The name of the forum is prime for confusion since the blues here have Customer Support under their names AND support articles consistently refer to “Customer Support” when you need to contact a GM via tickets and such. This forum should be renamed to better reflect its purpose and to stop confusing people. Oh and yes I’ve already posted this suggestion in GD before, so no need to point me there, although that’s been a couple months so I’ll probably do it again.

Anyhoo, Thallia, feel free to add on to the littany of bug reports in the Bug Report forum. This thread will likely get locked and won’t really go anywhere. This bug is beyond frustrating and has turned me away from purchasing anymore store mogs/mounts (I want the murloc mog but I’m not buying it until the bug is fixed), so I completely understand, but as far as posting on the CS forum regarding this, you’re just wasting your fingers’ energy and should spend it on the Bug Report forum.