In-game ignore...let's make it better!

I want to start off by making it clear, that this is regards to how the IN-GAME ignore function works. Please do not mistake this for a thread about the forums. This is specifically regarding the in-game ignore feature.

Current ways that this system lets us down:

  1. To ignore another player, we are required to log into each of our characters on that server and add the player to our ignore list.
  2. Similar to number 1 above, if we know this ignored player on other servers, we have to again log into all our characters on each server to ignore them.
  3. If we add a player to our ignore list, they can still see when we log in and where we are in-game via the friends list. (This one actually blows my mind)

What needs to be implemented (please feel free to add any additional positive ideas in this thread):

  1. When we ignore another player, it should ignore their whole account on all of OUR characters. I shouldn’t need to log into every character I have or create and add the same other players to my ignore. Basically put, it should be
  2. It should make it so that the player on my ignore list can no longer see when I’m online, nor can they contact me on any realm or any character (new or old). An account-wide ignore for in-game.
  3. The ignored player should not be able to see anything I say publically in-game. It should be a true ignore and should go both ways. I don’t want to be able to see anything they chat about either…ever.
  4. It should also prevent any grouping via the systems in-place to create groups. This one is likely a big ask, but it already works in LFD/LFR for payers you have on ignore, so let’s go a step further and make it ALL groups of any kind.

We often have posts in the CS forums where people are trying to avoid, block or ignore another player (for many valid reasons) and it is difficult when ignore still lets the other player see when you’re logged in and where you are in-game, with zero ways to prevent them from seeing it (short of paid services to wipe you from their friend list).


I don’t have anything to add except my support. :+1:


Agree. I never understood why this wasnt implemented from the beginning.


Isn’t there also a limit of 50 without having to use addons?

That alone should be expanded upon in my opinion.


It is infuriating ignoring/reporting the multi-paragraph guild addon spam + invite on every single character I log on, and having to dedicate an ignore spot to their generic brandless rerolled spam-bot alts. Oh, it’s been 5 minutes and they just deleted it + rerolled another toon and now are spamming all 10+ of my toons again every time I relog? Yay.

My account placing you on ignore should ignore your entire account when it comes to contacting my account for any reason.


I wish they would kill this addon. I could wipe my ignore list.

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thats lot of words to say ‘account wide ignore, ignore should be 2 way in whole game’

i agrree but can u put tldr; in it plz


i would like to thank you for taking your time to write this lovely post regarding the in-game ignore function.

well, that is just how the in-game world in world of warcraft operates.

even if you were removed from the in-game friends list, then they could always just do a /who to see if you are online.

i dont think it is that much of a hassle to place a person on ignore a couple times in game, it only takes a few seconds.

in conclusion, i believe that the current ignore system works fine, i genuinely don’t think there are any issues with it, currently.

thanks again for sharing your opinion.

take care everyone and have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

I’m in total support of this and agree it should have been implemented long ago.

A true in-game ignore system that is a Bnet-wide ignore for both parties.


I believe that the thread title covers that for those that don’t bother to read beyond it.


Not everyone wants to deal with word vomit from a_random_stranger_01, but I guess this topic doesn’t affect you, so, kudos.


I’ve never hit the 50 limit myself, but I don’t disagree. Why limit it?

Most people who bring these issues up in the CS forums are being harassed in-game by randos or by dudes who don’t get that their advances are not wanted. I say that as a guy myself.

Players need better options for protecting themselves from harassment in-game. The current system makes it too easy for someone to find and bother others in-game.

It’s an old and antiquated system that could use a refresh.


Very much in agreement on this.


I have nobody on Ignore list because no situation has ever reached that point, and keep in mind, you and the person you ignored might end up in the same group or same guild in the future and you won’t be able to hear anything they say about you and cause confusion in group or guild activities.

I would rather see an “ignore warning” issued first, which would look like this on the other persons screen: “LOLnoobs has issued an ignore warning and no longer wants to discuss things with you, please take some time to cool down and enjoy the game, any conversation between either party for the next 24 hours will result in both parties being unable to see chat text from the other party permanently.”

IF the person who issued the ignore warning sends a msg, THEY get put on ignore, the other person does not.

This will help prevent “habitual ignorers” who use ignore as a griefing tool. example: “Dude, why did you leave and brick the key?” - LOL NOOB!! WELCOME TO MY IGNORE LIST LLOOLLLZZZZZ!!!"


At face value this isn’t a bad idea, but think of how the receiving player would view the strike. I can see escalation being used if this were the case. An ignore is silent, for the most part, unless the player keeps trying to communicate with you.


It has nothing to do with “fragile”. You seem really insecure yourself by having to bring “fragile” into this topic, especially since it was never mentioned. The ignore list is used for more than blocking certain topics or names. It is also used to block spammers, unwanted guild messages, WTS messages.

Personally I only use it while leveling to stop grouping with certain players. I usually erase my list when I log back in to my leveling character.

The suggestion was to make it so that you personally can not been seen at all by the one you have ignored, not just removing you from their friends list. Although anything to slow down the contact is better than them just having to check their friends list.

That would depend on how many characters you play on. I have over 50 on just this account.

I can see the need for an update to the ignore and friends lists. Needing to remove contact with ex-friend, ex-guild, ex-significant other across your whole account at once instead of one character at a time on your side.

The Silence punishment has almost totally been removed because some players like to push the envelope to see how log a silence they can get. I can see players bragging about how fast they got from an “ignore warning” to total chat-blocked.


Scooby doesn’t want anything changed, since they get their kicks on Route 66 here, and in game, apparently.

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i agree, the ignore system can be used as a griefing tool and it should be examined carefully before making any future updates to it.

thank you so very much for your statement, i sincerely enjoyed reading it :slight_smile:

This is possibly the only part of your design that could be problematic. Say, for example, the ignored player joined a community a guild or some other activity you are involved in. They could start talking about you to others and you would have no idea what was being said about you. You would be unable to defend yourself or lodge a complaint because you would be reliant on what others tell you, which can be iffy.

My preferences would be that if you put a player on Ignore, it should function across their account and across yours. So no direct communication - either via chat or ingame mail - and no being put into a LFD/LFR with any of their characters and any of yours.

If a player felt the need to not see their chat in the world in any form, that should be a changeable option. So if they do start talking about you, someone can inform you and you can deactivate that lock to see what is being said so that you can take further action if needed.

this would be very bad, in my honest and polite opinion.

if you implemented this, you could end up with someone never being able to find a LFR group because so many people have them on ignore…