In Game Bug report question?

Hey everyone, I am confused by something recently with the BlizzardTicket System’ in that almost every time you put in a Ticket about anything involving problems with the game, you get the almost cut and pasted response to put in an In Game Bug Report
This is inevitably preceded by a statement that ‘We do not have the ability to handle such requests here’.
So, do the GMs who respond to Tickets have any ability to do anything anymore, or are they completely handcuffed by Blizzard now?? Because the In Game Bug Report does not seem to do anything at all, and problems never get corrected. Is the In Game Bug Report just a farce to allow Blizzard to ignore player’s problems now??
Thanks in advance!!

PS. If you are going to be a little brat about this post, feel free to not reply.

Not everything can be handled by GMs so yes they use templates that tell you to either A check wowhead or bug post in apropriate forums bugs general etc because they can only do what there told to do by the developers. Oh by the way you cant dictate who posts where.


GMs are not programmers and as such, are typically not able to fix reported bugs. The development team along with the QA team, work to resolve bugs and in-game issues. So unless they’ve provided a work-around to GMs, the GM team would not be able to assist. It’s been this way since the game launched.

Bug reports themselves are a one-way report. We report them as players and then wait for them to get fixed. Depending on the issue, the number of players effected etc., bugs sometimes are fixed quickly and others take longer (or sometimes are not fixed at all).


GM staff don’t program. By placing the bug report directly via the system, rather than opening a ticket, it goes directly to the development staff with game logs and details.

There are times when a known bug can create other issues if a GM tries to intervene without a developer go ahead.


When your entire post is being a brat, feel free not to post.


You have gotten some great information in this thread already. GMs do not fix Bugs nor do they take Bug Report tickets. You can read about what GMs can, and can’t do, here:

I wanted to remind you of where Bug Fix information is provided to players, as you seem to think Blizzard does not not fix bugs.

The best place to start is the Hotfix thread on General Discussion.

That information is also on the News page for WoW and on the Blizzard Desktop Launcher.

Larger updates will be included in the Patch Notes when we have an actual Client side game patch.

I also wanted to remind you of the Forum Code of Conduct given this thread and your thread on General Discussion.


I’m going to be a brat and chime in to agree with Mirasol. You’re toeing the line with the repeated attacks against Blizzard in every one of your many posts.

If you’re so dissatisfied, there’s the door. Otherwise, eventually it will catch up with you and you’re going to find yourself on a vacation. I’m quite sure there are other gaming opportunities that’ll leave you happier if that’s all your gleaning from your experience here is to slap at folks needlessly.


the thread you created about inventory issues, is insanely bloated with irrelevant stuff, while giving very little information about your actual issue.

if your tickets contain the same sort of pointless ranting, it detracts from the actual issue.

stick to the issue.
be specific.
provide as much detail as possible.
leave out all the stuff which isn’t directly related to the issue.


Most of their threads and posts seem to be created to insult Blizzard and/or other players. Flame bait we used to call it - trying to pick a fight or get responses.

If the tickets are the same way, I would not expect help via that means.