In Development: See What’s Next in Patch 10.0.7

I think self-reflection is typically only had when you are at peace.

I hope so. Nothing sneakier than sparkly armor!

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I’ve been waiting for worgen monks for ages. The one class that doesn’t use weapons and uses their hands is perfect for worgen, especially since monks are about inner peace and I can see a worgen taking on the ways of the monk to learn how to keep their affliction in check.

As for druid and shammy for belves, probably when they add velf druids shammies and pallies! Maybe we’ll get more customization options too for all races since Zandalari got new hair colors this patch.


The armors are looking great.

Goblin Monk though? Ridiculous. Makes 0 sense. Terrible decision.


They run McDojos and teach bad Tae Kwon Do. Boom. Done.


I believe it was Varian who said that a bundle of sticks is not easily broken. The idea of heritage armor is that it’s representative of an entire race, not a specific faction. Stormwind is supposed to be the heart of the Alliance and the last real bastion of human culture so it’d make perfect sense for them to absorb refugees from other human kingdoms. Classic era quest chains repeatedly involve taking up the cause of various dispossessed nobles and refugees.

Playing a human character implicitly takes up the cause of all humans. It’d be like if you played “Troll” and then only got Dark Spear Tribe armor. It’d be real weird for everyone who likes the Zandalari.

Also, Dalaran is a kingdom, the Kirin Tor is it’s governing body. The Kirin Tor is not Dalaran, Dalaran is not the Kirin Tor. But it does still highlight the aesthetic problem- mages don’t wear great helms and giant suits of plate and mail armor.


To be fair, all heritage armor sets should have been out years ago.

Move on to more important shyt, pass it up the ladder I guess?


Please show us more and I do hope that you guys can revisit some other race heritage armor and give more options for them too.


I still really want to see night elf and Forsaken armor. Draenei and Troll would be cool but we have so much of those types of armor in the game as it is. However I sense Pandaren might be coming next.


You think they could just snap a finger and everything will be granted shadowlands had too much roadblocks.

So guess orcs went around wearing no pants or shirts based on their heritage armor

Sounds like a good time


How about fixing the Warlock class as a whole, please. Y’all busted both our capstone abilities in the main warlock tree to the point that they’re a DPS loss to use.


Guardian Druid changes?


Armor looks sick. How about some Frost DK changes?

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Funny, I’m of the opposite opinion.
The human armor is a fitting combination of Varian’s unique style + the iconic footman gear.

The orc gear is nothing we didn’t have drove of in WoD already, except made into cosmetic items instead of being locked to specific armor types. That, and we’re certainly not starved for “heavy metal armor covered in spikes and/or skulls”.

I’m down for Lightforged monks though. Worgen and goblin monks are gonna feel real silly for a long time, for me. (I’ve seen their animations, they’re funny.)

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I love that the orc armor is being model on an upright orc, not a hunched one. I do hope we get a variation with more red though.


The other variations should be the different colors of the other human kingdoms/orc clans. While variations to match armor type would be nice, I think a big thing players would like would be the different colors.

Please don’t disappoint Blizz.


Guardian already received updates in 10.0.5

Worgen Monks? It is about time.


There are refugee’s sure but as far as the ingame lore goes all playable humans are from Stormwind, and the heritage armour is representing the heritage of the playable race. You don’t see the dwarf heritage armour representing wildhammer or dark iron, even though both wildhammer and dark iron reside in Ironforge now. Not to mention, Gilneas already has it’s own heritage armor.

And yea, if you got troll heritage armour, it would absolutely be based around darkspear trolls, because that’s the faction playable troll’s belong to.