Improved weapon totems does not give bonus Attack power to other people in the group

Oh, I completely understand and agree. I just want what I have to function properly, and frankly any sort of talent changes are a separate discussion altogether - I was just more voicing my frustration than anything else.

Just removing the talent and not replacing it with anything would be a fix at this point. At least people won’t be putting points into a completely dead talent.

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All we can do is keep posting here until they hear us.


Depressing this has been known about over a month with no reply from blizzard, yet the combustion bug is fixed within hours of gaining attention on reddit.

Totem no boom boom Blizz


Ravager is the best weapon in the game.
Also fix totem talent please Blizzard.


and another one - please fix, it’s been months.

Hi All,

I just wanted to chime in and provide a bit of context around this issue, and an update on our plans for it.

The current behavior of the Improved Weapon Totems talent actually does match 1.12 and the reference client, and this talent behaved in this way for its entire existence during original World of Warcraft. It was, however, recorded as a bug shortly after it was introduced late in 2006 and was fixed very early in Burning Crusade. Since this is a clear bug that was fixed relatively quickly in the original game, we do currently have plans to fix this (as well as several other issues that were similarly bugged in original WoW but were clearly incorrect behavior) in an update coming in the near future.

Hang in there, enhancement shamans!