Impressive Influence Reputation Buff Extended Two Days

So in other words they bent the knee.

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any extention is nice. Although this would be nice to have until SL pre-patch. Ty Blizz!


Gotta love statements like these. Blizz extends it for whatever reason and we get “neener neener we won” posts.

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Thanks. Now you guys need to extend it to pre-patch.


extension extension extension ! plz ! rly could use that to get nearer brutosaur mount faster…and on top of that its very friendly for my alts needing to get to exalted for mog//professions recipes access purpose…kneel and bed for it…until prepatch pwease ! make cute puppy eyes

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As someone who didn’t know the rep buff was even a thing until last week - I only ever saw the XP buff promo’d on the blizz launcher – I would gladly take any extra time.

Better than nothing, I guess, but 2 days is such a small period of time it barely seems worth it.

To impress us all
keep the buff active until
Shadowlands install


Damage control for the poor rollout of nerfing corruptions as soon as they are made available.

I’m not buying it.

Nice haiku.

with this covid still running and people still staying at home can you keep the rep buff going for a while longer till this covid ends or extend it another month?


At least we are getting different type of buffs through the downtime. (End of an expansion) I will stick my original statement that I am happy about this and surprised it was not initiated earlier in this game of 15+ years.

Also this is not a patch, it’s just buffs. Do not discourage them.

This is how I felt about the backpack reward for visions. People were poking fun it was a rip off of Fortnite. I was just happy it was something different.

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Planned it to end during Sign of the emissary week. Well played blizz :rofl:

Please extend this until the pre-patch! My friend just got WoW and we are working on unlocking Void Elfs and Lightforged for her after we leveled to 110 together!


Just keep the buff active along side of the exp buff until pre-patch, its easier to convince people to resub.


Please keep the impressive influence buff active along with the wisdom buff :pray: :heart:


i would say, lets keep it up till reset. the world quest bonus is up, so it would be nice to get the full use out of that~

but thank you either way.


I just want to ask like so many others. Please extend it to prepatch. Its been helping me a lot personally to have this be easier in my life.


Blizzard give me an option to spend an extra 15 dollars a month to have all my dailies completed?

I’ll pay it

This is why its going , people making to much gold from para chests. You will buy tokens if you want gold ok.