Important Information regarding Waterwalking

The Mount Equipment feature is unlocked once you level a character to level 100, and when you put a Mount Equipment item on a mount it’s usable by characters of any level. So you can still waterwalk on alts/levelling characters.

So the major blowback (I think) has been resolved.


If they had kept the water walking on the strider but made it ineligable for equipment it would’ve made this whole system look like a great idea…

Instead (for lack of a better word) it feels like a slap in the face


Let shamans cast water walking while mounted!! Everyone now has a better water walking than shamans D:

Also hunters.

Oh, Hunters get WW from a pet, right? So it should also be better than the auto-WW everyone will get, for sure.

Yup, they literally just had to introduce the boots as an alternative to the Waterstrider and the change would have been hailed as brilliant

Waterstrider itself really didn’t need to lose its utility


When the devs obviously don’t play the game, this is what we get.


Well, you get the same results by just taking your freebie Waterwalking item and putting it on the strider.

I see no difference other than having to take a second to put it back on.

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This is the WoW forums. The blowback will never be resolved.

I’m not really a fan of “mount equipment”, although I have advocated for improving the mount system. I just don’t think equipment is the way to go. Just give other mounts additional properties.

Leave striders running on water. Give me rhino’s that are slightly slower but undazeable. Give me some cheetahs that go faster but are super dazeable. Let my frog jump further. Let me have mountain goats that can go up steeper inclines. Lizards I can use in caves(…coupled with an expansion with lots of caves hint hint guys). Flying mounts that can fly when used by flight masters, and otherwise function as gliders(…followed by allowing flight all the time, since it’s got some restrictions for use).

That kind of thing. Just a generic “item” that applies to all your mounts isn’t very exciting. Unless I consider it a stop-gap for things like above.


Like someone said above: if you want strider to keep waterwalking, equip it with waterwalking. If you want brutal rhino to be undazeable, equip with undazeable. I don’t see how the system is failing to do that.

Now, you have some cool ideas, like the cheetah and frog. But keep in mind this system CAN be expanded in the future. Don’t expect them to put all possible ideas into it at its first iteration. The way it is right now, it is 100% an upgrade with no drawbacks to the current system.

That said, I’m assuming the mount equipment will be different for EACH mount. If not, my choice is probably going to be eternal undaze, because stopping a sec to cast Water Walking is not even nearly as annoying as getting dazed every 10m you ride.

You don’t see how this is a double-edged sword?

If it makes no difference then why not just leave Waterstriders as they are? Why even do this?


They can’t give us anything without taking something away. New mount equipment? Whoops, better take something else away.


Because if you want to waterwalk, you HAVE to use Strider, and not any of the other hundreds of cool mounts you collected.

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And the introduction of the boots alone rectify’s that

So, you’re complaining that they’re giving us more options?

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You…uh what? :crazy_face:

Not…like not even slightly?

Getting more options is great, what I’m saying is that the introduction of stuff like the boots is giving us more options. Removing the Waterstriders baseline ability to waterwalk in no way improves our options, so why do it?

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They didn’t remove it, they just placed it as part of a larger system. Your strider will be able to waterwalk with the equipment. Your kodo can do that too. Or your strider can have a parachute. Just not both at the same time.

It wouldn’t fix the problem of the strider dominance if they added more equipments and didn’t remove strider’s WW, because it would still be better than all other mounts (it would have 2 equipments at once).

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They are, but at a cost, as usual. Want your water walking mount to keep doing what it’s always done? Better buy this new whatever we released!


It gives people options.

Maybe someone wants to ride the strider as a legitimate ground mount because it looks cool, so they put a daze item on it instead of the Waterwalking one.

I would rather have the option then none at all.

And in regards to the Sky Golem, and it’s inability to take equipment, it’s most likely due to its crafted nature and it being sellable. It’s main selling point is the fact that it can gather herbs, I would imagine tampering with that could affect its AH price.

I think the inability for the Sky Golem is exactly to prevent it from going “best option ever”, because you would be able to forage AND undaze at the same time. No fair.