Implications of Lor'themar and Thalyssra

So Thalyssra and Lor’themar hooked up…

I mean that makes sense, the two would have gotten quite close during the rebellion in Suramar. I wonder how much her attraction to one-eye influenced her later decision to join forces with the Horde…

Could it be implied that the Nightborne involvement in the genocide of the Night Elves was partially the result of her lady-b0ner?

Food for thought.


I don’t think the two met until the allied race recruitment questline, did they? If I remember correctly, it was all Liadrin before then.


Lor’themar himself was never at Suramar, and in-game at least Thalyssra never involved herself with the events of Teldrassil nor were any of her people present as name/fodder NPCS.

I think there’s probably some blanket ‘the horde’s armies all marched’ or something in A Good War & Elegy, but i don’t recall that off the top of my head.


And what influenced her to join the Horde was simple:

Liadrin treated her and her people as genuine equals and made it a point to try and give hope to the ones Elisande was oppressing, whereas Tyrande viewed them as mana addicts fit to be on the front lines so that less Kaldorei died in the liberation of Suramar.


Maybe. Illidan’s hard-on for Tyrande was half the reason he tried to join the Burning Legion, so there’s precedent.

She also probably only begun to learn of Sylvanas’s true colors when she sent agents to grab Lady Ashvane and later arrested Baine for rescuing Derek Proudmoore. Her dialogue implies she and Mayla were unaware of what was going on in the Horde.

On the matter of fodder NPCs the only Blood Elves that joined at the War of Thorns were those who felt a personal grudge against the Night Elves for the sickness they felt at Tirisfal Glades as well as ignorance of any Night Elves who fought the Amani during the Troll Wars.

Blood Elves can live indefinitely though start looking frail when they get Old as Anasterian shows.

Lorash Sunbeam has White Hair from Old Age just like Anasterian while Lorthemar who while probably not as old as Anasterian had withered skin just like him.

No idea what gets High Elves killed as Lorash was around for Centuries and fought just as good as ever. Same could be said for Anasterian despite him not making many public appearances in his advanced age though that may be just Elven Vanity.

Lorthemar incidentally had noted a schism within the Horde since Teldrassil and mentioned that he was using caution in regards to how to deal with Sylvanas and was planning for a carefully deliberate move against her. He like Garona believed Baine moved too soon when he got himself arrested rescuing Derek Proudmoore.

Lorthemar and Garona treats WoW like the Game of Politics requiring care to deal with the problem while Baine & Saurfang were just lazy…


Another potential implication I’m curious about is : does their marriage imply anything politically ? Like, are the nations of Quel’thalas and Suramar going to merge in some way ? Or will they remain fully autonomous ? I’m sure hoping for the latter.

I could imagine some sort of of highborne confederation. that could be neat.


Pretty sure the nightborne participation in the genocide was more steeped in Tyrande’s attitude that she would rather see them all die of mana withdrawl, than for the Highborne society to find a place in this world again.

The original post reads like the typical posts you’d find on Sunday in the General Discussion. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

The food for thought your post inspired came with a Happy Meal toy.

I hope that they remain autonomous but form some sort of joint coalition that benefits both nations.

I would love to see Oculeth, Valtrois, Aethas, and Rommath be a part of that.


Tyrande invited a big ol’ pack of Highborne in back in Cata.

Tyrande sent night elf troops to help out Suramar even though she didn’t have to. TYRANDE PERSONALLY went to help out Suramar even though she didn’t have to, and could absolutely have found another anti-Legion cause to commit troops to. Yes, she was less nice than Liandrin, but her cynicism wasn’t entirely unwarranted. (Especially in light of later events; thanks Bliz).


okay but tell me she didn’t do all that because she was under threat from the Legion. Without the threat of the Legion looming I doubt Tyrande would have had such a big heart.

People are talking about the Nightborne participation in the War of Thorns/Teldrassil but I’m pretty sure they…didn’t participate? I certainly don’t remember seeing any.


I don’t believe the Nightborne participated in the War of Thorns/Burning of Teldrassil, or the Battle for Lordaeron.

I made this comment in the past, but you can bet if the Burning of Teldrassil was to be the Nightborne/Thalyssra’s introduction to Horde warfare, there would be no doubt about their involvement, especially after Tyrande spurning them. That would make for a juicy plotline!


Big old pack?

The ones living in that run down cave on scraps and defeated by 5 horde adventurers?

Doesn’t seem like a huge pack but what few survived I guess lol


knowing Tyrande they were only welcomed because they chose to conform to the Night Elf way of life, she did give them an ultimatum from what I remember.


Legion was everywhere.

If she’d wanted to hang the Nightborne out to dry, she absolutely could have taken the night elf army to another place to punch demons.

Tyrande and the night elves helped bail the Nightborne out, even if she wasn’t as friendly about it as Liandrin.


I certainly wouldn’t describe the few fallen on hard times Highborne that rejoined the NEs as a “big old pack”

If I want to play a Highborne I know what race I’m choosing which is Nightborne who actually kept the Highborne society alive in tact and thrived.


Enough to put in a decent showing in War of Thorns.

They’re also held separately, with their own traditions (because, you know, they’re still practicing mages, unlike the rest of night elves).

Again, I like things the way they turned out, but there’s no need to make Tyrande and the night elves into the bad guys for this particular beat to work. Two people rescue you from a hole. One of them tells you to be more careful next time and leaves as soon as you’re ok. The other one commiserates about the time they fell into a hole, too, and maybe offers some tea. Of course you’ll feel more friendly to the latter.


Pffff, more like the Highborne so mutated by the magic they’ve been exposed to that they even bleed a different color.

I kid, I kid.

Anyway, as usual, my answer is “Why not both?” so I have Larye the night elf mage for blueside Highborn shenanigans and Vierard for redside Highborn shenanigans. If they ever met, they could be best friends. Or get into a portal war.

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