Imagine. Class combinations

This a little project im working on in google sheets:

I rather liked the:

And it got me thinking what if I made a similar table to this for Wow? Has anyone ever thought of trying to figure this out?

Idea would be to enable a few skills from the secondary class to the primary class.
Enabling 144 class combinations. Ridiculous to balance but kind of fun to theorize?


Heres my current progress:


I forgot the name of the game, it was somthing “magic” a free mmorpg that did this, and RIFTS kinda sorta does it, but I think it’d be a mess in WOW tbh.

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i’d combine a warlock with a warrior

and then a warlock with a rogue

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For wow you would be better off listing greater forces on one axis and primary stats on the other.

So Strength + Light = Paladin while Strength + Death = Deathknight

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No no no no no no no no oh no, people would create the most cancerous spec ever. No way.

This would be pretty epic, and I’d be interested to see what you come up with for WoW’s.

It would absolutely murder what few character slots I have left in this game, though. Because yes, I would totally (eventually) try as many combinations as I had the energy for.

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Oh yes a beautiful mess but kinda fun.

Well I’d liek to think a Warr/lock would be a felblade. But then a lock/rogue… I dont even know yet.

That is a much more stable idea. I may try that.

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This is just fun theory crafting man!

Now name your awful spec you have in mind!

Just remember to include “No Force” for things like Warrior.

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This might deserve a custom name (completely original). Honestly my head goes to the Shivarra or some other demon types.

Also, there was that Fel Rangari in WoD, but she’d be more of a hunter/lock

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Well in a way yes. I have Warrior/warrior as Odyns Chosen. Surely as the patron god of warriors hes providing something…

We call those Death knights


You’re thinking in terms of mechanics. This is fantasy!

That’s death magic + physical strength, not fel magic + physical strength.

Just because there’s no space for a fel equivalent in this game doesn’t necessarily mean that it would end up being the same thing as a DK

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I mean in fantasy the first Death knights were created by tossing warlocks into Stormwind knights. Its literally in the lore

We call those Demon hunters.

well, if it was a thing, I’d combine Warlock and DK (affliction & unholy)

Nah, that’s fel magic + agility (aka fel rogues)

Do you see these arms? :muscle: I’m more than just some rogue

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