Imagine being an artist

No. This mobile gaming is bad for the game and supporting Banality of Evil is wrong


I already explained above that it gives artists something to work on during downtime, else they wouldn’t get paid. You could argue that they could spend that time designing in-game stuff, but sometimes artists just want to design fun stuff that doesn’t necessarily fit anywhere in game.

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I mean, I like it. I got it free since I’m on a six month sub currently. I didn’t say it sucked. Just they missed out on an awesome opportunity. Had they put the wings on a cloak slot, I think it would have worked so much better. I mean, we’re kind of limited on cloak opportunities.

But, it was still a cool looking set. My gnome is wearing the full set. She looks really cute. Just the wings … that’s my biggest gripe.

And its not like they haven’t tried to sweeten the pot to get people to do six month subs. Nothing wrong with that. They could have just said “this fairy mog is $20 bucks.”

But, they bundled it with a 6 month sub, not just a new one, but to anyone who is currently on one (now if that’s a bug, it’s the kind of bug I can live with!)

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Cosmetics should all be available in game. Where did this “artist” stuff come from?


Blizzard makes an extra 5 dollars when somebody pays for their sub with gold.


That’s some weird logic. You’ll support artists by buying mounts, but not transmog? What’s the difference?

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Well for one, mounts are a one off thing. Cosmetics are permanently attached to your character always, in cities, raids, dungeons, pvp. Mounts are only used for travel.

Take a look at my edit though, you replied like 2 sec before I edited.

Also it has nothing to do with me supporting the artists. It’s not the artists idea I’m sure, I would gladly pay an artist for a commission. Thing is my sub is supposed to pay artists as well, so I highly doubt that their salary changes if I buy more store things.

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You’re reaching for every straw you can grab. This is yet another thing that isn’t happening. Blizzard’s art teams aren’t lacking for work.

Blizzard is not paying their artists to do whatever the artist wants to do. They’re paying their artists to do what Blizzard wants them to do.


Because transmog is one step closer to gear and if it ever gets to that point WoW will literally be P2W.

That’s great but I use a sub.
Plenty of other 3D sets were added since legion so I genuinely don’t get the outrage :woman_shrugging:

Tbh I think it’s worse with mounts because many of them were thematic, like the mechagon dragon or the wod fae drake

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Artists don’t get paid unless there’s work to do. Unlike programming, there’s a finite amount of art that’s needed for every expansion. People don’t understand that.

This is nonsense.


I’m pretty confident the artists don’t get anything extra because it’s in the store…

Not sure what point your trying to make in your reply.


You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

No, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.


There are always new pvp and pve sets being added. Sets being updated, cinematics, etc. Optimization of models, always things an artist can do in content development downtime.

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While the game’s artists do deserve respect, I don’t think it’s fair to compare negative reception for a salaried artist‘s work to a contract/commission worker.

We can be cognizant of the poor conditions artists have to face, sympathetic to their efforts, and still recognize certain criticisms as valid.


Not to mention an artist doesn’t “finish an expansion” and then suddenly run out of more future content to do.

If artists have downtime in this industry, their contracts have ended.

OP literally has no idea what they’re talking about but wants to tell everyone else they’re wrong.

As an artist, this thread is full of weird connections and assumptions that have no basis in reality.


Who cares? Artists need to grow a spine and take criticism. If you can’t, get out of the field.

World’s harsh. Not everyone will give you Sunshines.

Signed. A computer animator and modeler.


I’d imagine it is though.
The art department must work significantly faster than the development side of things, so in between development cycles they are relatively lax, right?

Its pretty logical if you think about it.
The team just delayed the expansion.
Do you think the art department is the one working overtime right now to get things ready in time?

What would they be doing right now?