Imagine being an artist

And spending time designing cute mounts and transmog sets only to be met with “we don’t want this garbage” and “Blizz stop being greedy”.

Artists already get little recognition for their work, not just on WoW, but in general. People will say artists are greedy when they charge $40 for a commission that will take them 10-20 hours to make.

These store items likely help pay the artists more. Stop being jerks. No one is forcing you to buy them.

Signed, an artist who’s tired of the negativity every. single. time.

EDIT: Just so people stop misinterpreting what I said, by helping pay the artists more, I meant it gives them something to work on during downtime so they can get paid, not that sales money goes to them.

EDIT 2: At this point, I wish people would read more than the OP before replying, lol.


Won’t someone please think of the poor billion dollar corporations.


No. They don’t.

Yes, I agree. People should stop being jerks, though.


These things help to fund the game when blizzard allows you to pay your sub with gold.

(having a sub funds the game and this is obviously a sub reward so you can chose to use gold or not i genuinely don’t care)


You pay with gold for a token somebody else bought, paying for sub with gold still makes them money. Big brain


Except they do. There’s some downtime as an artist when working on games. If there’s no work, you don’t get paid. Designing things like this helps them get paid.


I think the outrage has more to do with it being some cosmetic stuff that is added despite the fact the game has a subscription/expansion fee than about it being some artistic thing added to the game.

And that is, well, considering that PvE and PvP sets have been recolors for quite a while now. Ny’alotha was literally the same set for the same armor class, in PvE and PvP.

Honestly, I don’t really care about the paid cosmetics, in the end. So far they have been very dissonant with the rest of the game, and feel kinda like a segway in an automobile parade. Exception being the mounts, of course…


That has nothing to do with how much the artists are paid.


My post was written before I knew that it was included when buying a 6 month sub. So I take back what I said. Incentivising buying a 6 month sub at a lower cost(per month) and gaining some xmog is fine in my book.

GD made it seem like it was fork over shekels or no mtx for you, but I looked it up and it’s not the case. Sorry blizzard


That’s not how… Im not bothering.


Blizz art department is entitled to one (1) free snoot boop, please present this message when cashing in your boop.


I would love the ability to hide my actions behind the people I employ.

I would adore it if I could shut up said employees with legally binding non-disclosure agreements.


I think people are also mainly upset not because of how the item looks, but because of the micro transactions that make the normal gear in game become less valuable. We pay $15 a month to play the game, at least $60 every 2 years to play the newest expansion, and now they want people to pay just for gear? People don’t want Blizzard to form habits like this. Next thing we know, in 5 years we’ll have to pay for raid gear and gold.


I’m gunna let you in on a little secret.

When you pay your sub with gold, Blizzard makes more money than just buying your sub.

Kinda does?

Unless Blizzard artists are being paid commission, they get paid the same regardless of whether someone buys a store mount or not.


This is already happening. Its just via proxies.

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making money bad
even if not my money

Here’s hoping they barely read the forums, knowing it’s full of vocal negativity. Criticism is valid but the threads that pop up here are hardly thoughtful critiques.


As an artist, this is the only thing that would bother me in the slightest.

As an artist I also know people don’t have to like everything, so in the end someone else’s opinion about my art isn’t any of my business.

Is entirely outside of the artist that is hired to create these things, and every single professional artist understands that when they are paid to create art for someone else, that other party does whatever they want with it - because it’s theirs and has nothing to do with the artist.

Rofl :rofl: funniest thing I’ve read all day.


I’ve literally done art for games. If you have something to say, just say it.


Doubt, sadly I’m pretty sure it just lines the pockets of those higher on the totem pole.