Imagine banning all bots, but giving them a week to recreate all 55

Yeah, bots are still a thing, but most of them are still leveling.

They banned bots. Then they(botters) had like half a week to recreate bots before the restrictions went live.

Man…come on…


It is almost like they do want bots. Just not lots of DK bots sigh.

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Like I said, brilliant way for Bliz to juice their quarterly.


Sounds well orchestrated to me…


They knew exactly what they were doing when they hush hush re-opened locked realms to new character creation with no posts what so ever so that they could let the bots back in after numbers fell when they locked them… yet transfers for the players who want to get their stranded characters back in are screwed…


Tried leveling via questing this morning and there are just bunches of bots in the dozens killing all the quest mobs in multiple zones. Tried leveling in BGs: 90% of players are bots. Tried leveling via dungeons: waited 30 mins in queue before logging off.

It has to be an inside job .

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