Changes to Death Knight Character Creation Restrictions Coming - Week of March 20th

Does this mean the Bans happen next week also? I ask this because in my AB tonight there was a train of 4 DK’s bots on my team… crazy

well 120,000 x 15 a month, you can do that math, thats alot of money.

So, you’re banning GDKP, then?

Too little. Too late.

Ban the players buying gold. Permanently.


This. What an embarrassing company.


Hey guys… we banned a bunch of DK bots and we will be making a change NEXT week to not allow you to play a 55 DK on a new account.

So, if you are running a DK BOTTING ring, you have a few days (right before our quarterly) to sub a whole bunch of new accounts with 55 DKs!



No reason to

A “demand for gold” exists with or without GDKP. Nice try though.

allowing a level 55 character for free to any new account was not just tempting it was a botting paradise

You think a few gms will even put a dent in 120k?

you pay them money sooooooooo welcome to the club.

the irony of someone who will never be on the same level as a company like blizz calling them embarrassing. im all for criticizing blizz but come one have a reality check.

If you were paid to do it 8 hours a day yes lol. How hard do you think it is to ban bots? You could do hundreds a day.

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I think a few GMs can quickly move between known areas that masses of bots hang around and ban them right away rather than waiting what seems to be weeks or months for an automated system to do it.


I will translate this portion of the blue post:

Because these bans we claim to be doing will never fix the problem we will be moving towards the WoW Token soon.

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Just banning on sight is going to lead to a lot of false bans.

“…never hesitate to report suspected cheating such as buying and selling gold for real money”

What about retail? Why don’t you do something to people, who sell and buy gold using real money? I am sure that in all realms there are ‘players’, who only sit in AH, farm gold and then sell it for real money and you allow this.

It’s pretty hard to mistake a line of 15 bots running together in a straight line in and out of a dungeon as real players especially when their names are all gibberish or in a BG when they do the exact same thing.

GMs can go anywhere they want and watch players while invisible for as long as they desire, things only get done when you take action.

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Can you please remove the limit of DKs per server in Wrath Classic along with this change or in the future?

Good bye lvl 58 Mining DK bots.