I'm sick of Pathfinder

Dear Blizzard,

I’d like to extend my disgruntled opinions upon the redundant ways we, the players, have to go through to earn the ability to fly throughout Azeroth.
Pathfinder, on paper, sounds like a good idea. And, for the expansions of Warlords of Draenor and Legion, it served a purpose to get flying as we had relevant content to work on to earn the achievement. However, currently in Battle for Azeroth, I believe Pathfinder no longer fits within the game, as it feels like we are being forced to do things the achievement requires that are no longer worth engaging.
World quests, which have been rehashed from Legion, do NOT bring forth much (or any if at all) satisfaction, engagement, or FUN because we’ve had our fill of them since the previous expansion, and they just feel like a cheap way to keep us doing things you, Blizzard Ent., think is relevant within the game.

I understand why you want us to work for flying. I get it. It lets us feel like we’ve accomplished something. But, if we have to wade through waist deep in a river of poo for months, is the reward worth it?

I believe I’ve come up with a solution to giving us flying without any fuss, as well as an idea to make flying throughout the zones more engaging.
My Solution:
• First, at the beginning of the expansion, just outright GIVE us flying. At a ridiculous and expensive fee. 100,000 gold maybe. This would give us that carrot on a stick that we’d WANT to get. Having Flying at such a high cost would have us, the players, work our butts off trying to get the gold so we don’t have to work towards the redundancy of Pathfinder requirements. It may also require you, Blizzard Ent., to design zones to level in with flight in mind, as you did back in Wrath of the Lich King, but I, at least, would have faith in you succeeding in doing so. And, to be quite honest, I preferred spending tons of gold for flying back in Wrath as it felt more like a reward or gift I properly earned.

• Second, have anti-aerial cannons scattered throughout each zone that will shoot us down if we fly near them. These cannons can be World objectives, like world bosses, that can be captured once a week. Once captured, the players are free to fly within the area the cannon guarded on the map, and if ALL the cannons are captured, than the whole zone can be free for flight.

I am pitching this idea because I am absolutely disgusted with pathfinder, and I want to enjoy the content within World of Warcraft without feeling like I’m forced to do obligatory world quests to earn irrelevant reputations, or doing time-gated quests for a story I honestly couldn’t care about, just to fly.

I would also like to hear the thoughts/opinions of other players (as well as anyone at Blizzard Ent., though that’s wishful thinking) about this idea of mine.

A dissatisfied player/customer


Aside from the artificially low reputation gains, I really don’t have a problem with Pathfinder. Not enough that I would trade what is essentially free flying for an outrageous 100, 000 gold price tag.

I’d prefer that Pathfinder be a one-off, instead of a two part carrot. Obtainable within at least six months after the expansion launch. Over a year really does just feel like artificial inflation of the time-played metrics. Me? I’d actually play more and longer if I could fly already.


Its purely out of spite at this point. Ion and his goons hate flight and they hate we get it at all. This is there “compromise” as they like to call it although its not really much of a compromise. Pathfinder part 1 giving you flight would be a compromise. AT most patch X.1 with pathfinder part 1 should reward flight for your main and then have part 2 with x.2 reward flight for the new zone.


If Pathfinder part 2 came out in patch X.1, most of the actual issue I take with it would vanish. I find the problem isn’t the WORK required…it’s the WAIT. I had Pathfinder Part 1 in a Month, maybe two (memory is fuzzy). We’re, what, TEN months in now with no Flying?


For some reason I thought this was going to be about DnD: Pathfinder…

Also Ion hates when players have fun. That is why he grounded us in WoD and why he poisoned the well by saying that everyone who wanted flying was just a lazy whiny baby who didn’t want to have their time wasted by killing the excessive amount of aggro mobs everywhere which will dismount you and daze you 100% of the time so that you are constantly forced to waste time killing them for no reward.

He also claimed it was necessary to remove flying in order to make a newm unique and rewarding experience that wouldn’t be possible in a world with flying but then went on to just make the same content we’ve been playing for over a decade.

His personal attack on people who wanted flying in WoD was the reason why I didn’t buy WoD ended my sub at MoP.


Dear Blizzard

I have no problem with Pathfinder. Please disregard OP. Thanks.


And that is the main problem. the wait. We get the requirements very easily simply by playing, and can even do so casually, but waiting for them to actually do something is another story.

At this point if anyone who started in 8.0 and anyone who cares can still get the requirements before 8.2, there is absolutely no point even having requirements if the wait does nothing, since it is so easy to get they should either make us wait or give us a requirement, not both.


Why do we have to wait so long for part 2?

I would love to hear an official answer to this.


I think 6 months in is a good number for pathfinder part 2 or just flying unlocking in general I can still roll around on my cool ground mounts in bgs. I think the pathfinder system is the better system than buying it on every toon just needs to give it a touch sooner.


I don’t mind pathfinder… I mind that it’s held off on this insanely long amount of time out of spite.

Pathfinder part one should unlock flying up until they feel the need to release newer islands into the game. That can be part 2 and doing part 2 allows flying in those zones as well. Keeps you on the ground to do and see the scenery (supposedly flying doesn’t allow you to see anything) and as well, prevents you from flying in the new zone until you’re done with it.

This does 2 things, allow P1 to be done in a timely fashion, allowing alts to be leveled without the insane hassle. Secondly, prevents you from flying over any new islands/zones when they release them.



Also Ion hates flying, you don’t need an official answer because it will not be what you are after.

They are going to tell you something about how you are missing out on content, and that will be their answer since they have said this before and stated they designed the game around no flying, you know, like exploring caves, getting your treasure chests, all those rares you run into along the way, the PVP they so desperately try to keep going.

But in reality those treasure chests, pointless since they give nothing really, the rares? Once you are able to solo them you no longer need them and almost no one groups for world content unless it is one of those WQ’s that need a group, you simply level too fast to bother.

The exploring? I will give them that much, it is better to explore on foot, but once that is done we take the route of shortest resistance to get to what we want, like jumping from the highest point and gobblin gliding into the instance without ever landing, flying will make no difference to that.

What they need is to ask the players and find out exactly what we do once we have explored and done it all once over, I for sure just beeline to the WQ’s I need and to the instances, I don’t want to run around and do it all over for 6 more months.


I respectfully disagree. In TBC, Wrath, and Mists zones, there’s plenty of interesting nooks and crannies you can find neat things by flying around. I spent hours hopping on floating islands in Netherstorm, Hellfire Peninsula, on top of the giant mushrooms in Zangarmarsh, all the mountaintops in Kun-Lai and the Jade Forest … you get the idea.


I came back from a break a little under a month ago. In that time I got to 120, and am now a heartbeat away from having pathfinder part one done.

I should also add, I play less than two hours a night due to work and family commitments.


Did you even play WoD or Legion?

For real though in WoD no one liked the pathfinder and in my opinion it was so easy lol, go out in the world collect treasure, some other stuff some achievements some reps done.

Legion pathfinder was again easy some Reps to revered, no treasure grinding some quest done in suramar, which you had to do anyway to attune your self to the nighthold raid so really you can’t complain about that since you would of done it anyway to attune. Than when the broken shore patch hit we had a even easier pathfinder 2 to do. Rep with the new fraction to revered, complete story line and your done lol, Pathfinders are easy since its just unlocking it though content you would of done anyway it just eases travel along. We have flight master whistles so I don’t see the issue any more.


Agreed. I don’t have a problem with the requirements, and would be fine with even steeper requirements. It’s the wait for Part 2 to be available that chaps my hide.


I find it especially irritating that as soon as I got to borialis in the intro quests talia takes me to the flight master where she proceeds to talk to HER Griffion and says she wants to fly with them while I just have to walk or beg or get rides from her.

I have dragons and other mounts, I know how to fly them. I know and my mounts do not magically forget how to fly.

Pathfinder that takes five or ten minutes to complete once getting a character to max level in a new expansion then it unlocks flying retroactive to level 60 in all zones and account wide would be satisfactory.


No, Bliz demanding I play their way and sit on the ground and ride around in mini tight zones with way to crowded mobs and huge agro ranges and having to fight my way every five feet just to maybe pick a single herb isn’t my idea of fun or experiencing the content.

I never am able to appreciate the art work, hate the poor ground pathing and having to keep levitate on a fast keybind for all the falling damage I"m gonna have to avoid.

Flying was never a problem until Bliz made it a problem in WOD.

It is just transportation.

Next they will be wanting people to do a ground pathfinder to ride on the ground and obtain a pathfinder to get any special abilities and eventually you will have to join the track team and do a running pathfinder just to not have to RP Walk.

I won’t, I will not be playing, but the new folk and die hards will.

Everytime bliz starts something they always keep taking away more and more.

Just look at pruning class abilities.

They can make it all go away with my suggestion.

They need to unprune, and let folk fly and put in gear vendors for pve and pvp.

What are we without the skies?

Ya’ll have phones don’t ya?™


Anyone who says that 100k gold is worth more than like 9 months of your playing time is nuts.

I would pay 100k for flying on day 1 of the xpac without even a second though.


Your “solution” is worse than pathfinder. The only thing wrong with pathfinder is the petty and spiteful time gate between parts 1 and 2.


I’m sick of your complaining about Pathfinder, a letter cringe to GD poster.

Why do you need Superpowers like the ability to fly 100% of the time when in the open world? Do you not understand you are not a bird(excluding Druids) and that this isn’t a flight simulator? Do you not understand how flying completely removes multiple game mechanics from even being a viable option? I propose you learn to enjoy traveling the way bipeds travel, ON THE GROUND.


Sorry OP. Not gonna happen. Blizzard forgot that a 1000 other MMOs without flying already exist. They really think that making you stay on the ground is something new and innovative. They don’t want you flying. Pathfinder is the hill WoW will die on, if that’s what it takes.

If you don’t like it, unsub. That’s the only way to be fair to yourself.