I'm sad about the Covenants

I am not planning on pushing max content. More important to me as some have mentioned is the stuff you can collect from the covrnants. I understand the concept that your work with a covenant allows you access to stuff that is unique to that faction.

That said it is a bit disappointing from a collectors standpoint that my character would have to stay with a covenant to retain stuff. There is a lot cosmetically tied to each covenant.

That said this expansion is very new still at least relative to its roughly 2 year life span so hopefully as we progress through this expansion restrictions will be lifted so that I can get all the cosmetic stuff. It seems daunting having 4 leather wearers to collect the armor appearances or plate or cloth or mail etc.

This doesnt even factor in potentially new and unannounced covenants that might come later in a bigger patch.

I guess time will tell!

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I agree

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I hadnt read this when I made my post but at least with this system we would be able to use 1 leather class for all the cosmetic aspects at least.

It doesnt sound like the greatest approach but it sounds like a path Blizzard would take.

Of course we are all guessing at all of this and I dont think most of us have credible info of whats to come so its all speculation.

Good idea though Ill be interested to see if Blizzard does something like that.

Even the more laid back players want to bring the best they can for their guild/raid team. And the difference between covenants can be as high as 10%, not 0.5%.

And as everything has played out, the meaningful choices and identity goals of the system have flopped hard.

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It’s almost like nobody saw it coming . :roll_eyes:

Oh wait we did :rofl:

Thread still gets responses and been running since last August

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That has the highest view/response count on the forums?

If you go to the page where all the threads are listed for replies it is # 9 for view it is # 43 it has fallen since SL released but it was one of the most active thread during the Beta testing phase.


Serrated Bone Spike (necrolord-rogue) is 1% to 5% of my total damage and feels like it does next to nothing.

What a strange comment.

When a choice has consequence, it is but natural to want to make the best possible choice. And what’s wrong with asking questions on topics you may not have every possible comprehension of?

If you are going to spend half a million dollars on a house, wouldn’t you try to find the one that best suits you? If I am going to make a choice that will prevent me access to the other three covenant abilities I had best make sure it’s the one I want, whatever reason I base my decision on.

This is why covenant abilities are failures. Instead of encouraging organic experimentation from players it forces your hand. Instead of allowing players to adjust it corners you into one spec, or role, or content.

I get that - that’s why I said for the most part. And I’m mainly talking about aesthetics/mechanics, not balance.

That’s the reason I chose Night Fae, for the most part. Research stated that NF was best for the hunter class. I also like the gear with its nature theme and organic shapes. It looks like something a Night Elf would wear. I have a full set in my transmog rotation. Having completed the campaign however, there was nothing about the NF that caused me to identify with them. In fact, I would say it had the opposite effect.

I am finally getting around to leveling my Orc hunter and getting him to level 60. I did the butterflies and sparkles on my NE, but can’t do that for my Orc. So I chose Necrolord for him. It doesn’t matter if Necrolord isn’t the best, but it just “feels right” for an Orc. I really don’t have any plans to go through the covenant and get the gear, but I might change my mind. Right now, I just want to get him to 60 so he doesn’t get behind. He was my main for many years before I made this character my main.

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I have a necro priest, i love her.
I have a necrolord paladin, i love her
I have a revendreath rogue, i love him
I have a kyrian paladin, I nlw wish her to be on revendreath, it makes more dense rp wise.
I have a ton toons that i dont know where they belong, like a monk, those afterlifes dosent seem like, a good dit for a monk.

I find that the sistrm rp wise has too little choice, you ither are a warmongering an evil person, a good slave, or a tree huginh bastard.

Which ends up sucking so much of, if not all, of the meaning out of that choice.

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The same can be said about classes, but it looks like people are still playing and completing content with underperforming specs :woman_shrugging:

2 Things:

1 - Covenants are an ADDITIONAL layer on top of classes.

2 - Classes ARE easily swappable without a 2 week time-gate. If I want to prepare for guild prog through mythic raiding and I know 1 class is solid for a good chunk of bosses, but not so much for the rest, and there’s another class that complements those 2 sets, I can level both of those and swap freely - picking up where I left off and never having to deal with a 2 week time gate. This is exactly what players are asking for in terms of covenants - let us earn the rewards, renown, soulbinds, etc. for each covenant, but then let us swap freely.

You can do the same with covenants

Pretty much. There are a couple of combinations that work out great: Ardenweald (any night elf or druid/hunter) Kyrian (Paladin/Holy/Disc Priest) Maldraxxus (any Undead or DK character, possibly rogue) Revendreth (Warlock/SPriest, possible Blood DK or rogue).

As far as RP concerns go there are a lot of races/classes that don’t quite fall into any of the covenants stories or styles. That might just be a sympton of the limitations of the SL story/lore but might also have to do with time/resource limitations of the developers.

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Sadly, you can’t. there’s a 2 week time-gate. VERY far from the freedom we have with classes.

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Still need to level and gear a new class before you can swap to it…same goes for covenants