I'm loving Classic and Myzrael!

I love the original content and game play and the other players I have interacted with on Myzrael have been very nice. It’s great to be back home!!!


Here here. I so agree

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Great community! The real MVPs are the ones who are making linen bags for people!


It has been pretty sweet so far!

I’m finding this to be a great community on Myz! Glad my guild rolled on there.

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You all are the best. I didnt make a mistake coming to this server!

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It’s been a blast so far! So happy I can roll on a PvE server this time around, as back in vanilla I had no idea there were different server types, haha.

Yes, I’ve been having a great experience with players, too! People are willing to group up for in-demand quests, and even offering trades of items and mats for cheap (one friendly Orc Warrior gave me 24 leather scraps and several light leather for just 2s).

And we had DBZ references in Durotar chat, which really brought me back…

I was one of those people yesterday in IF making Linen Bags for people :smile:

I’m happy it finally let me pick my classic character to reply to this too.

Woot. Now I have a classic toon that can post.

So many nice and friendly people so far. I’m really enjoying Myzrael.

A bit of a zerg at times, but that’s going to be interesting to watch calm down through the phases.

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying Classic as much as I have :smiley:

This server has been great so far! It’s true, so many friendly and nice people here. I hope it continues, and that I get to meet so many more of you wonderful people :slight_smile:

Oh man I am over the moon for Classic! It is everything I wanted and hoped it would be, it is exactly right. Thankfully people here on Myz seem overall decent. We’ll know better in a few weeks when the tourists have gone home and it’s just the regulars.

I so agree with ya brother.

I’ve certainly been enjoying my time playing so far.

Originally from the PvP server Detheroc when I first played around 2005-ish then bounced servers a few times before losing interest in the game around Cata. Started playing catchup around Legion when the other expansions became freely available, but the game just didn’t feel the same anymore in both gameplay and community.

Didn’t really have a reason for for choosing Myzrael of course, aside from getting a good feeling when I considered it, but my good feelings rarely let me down, and playing here has really reminded me of what I used to love about the game.

Always wanted to play a Mage in Vanilla, but never had the time for a second character, so I’ve been giving that a whirl and I’ve had a blast so far. However, I couldn’t play Classic without going back to my Vanilla roots as a Prot Paladin so I’ve been slowly working on that character as well.

Only thing that bothers me is that there’s no one here I know. So I’m literally starting all over.

Feel pretty fortunate to have landed on this server. Good mixture of busy but not too much so.

People out in the world, but not too competitive. AH moves well, lots of friendliness and cooperation so far.

Couldn’t have imagined a better start to Classic!


Hey I know you.

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And, and you admit it!_

Hahahahahahaha. Very funny