I'm late to the party I know

Your software to make multiboxxing possible was banned. You can keep your petty victory that the concept it self wasn’t banned. Not sure what you gain from it, other than more salt on your end.

You think because it wasn’t de jure banned means it wasn’t banned. De facto, it was and is banned.

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Hardware solutions are still a thing. It wasn’t banned. :man_shrugging:


Can still hardware box so de facto, isn’t banned


If hardware solutions were all that, you wouldn’t have used software. Clearly its inefficient.

Yes because clearly that’s as cushy as using software. Keep talking, lets see what they take next from you. I’m content to feed slowly.

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It’s not inefficient, just more expensive and a little more difficult to setup. lol

Software is cheaper, efficiency is the same :wink:

I mean only thing losing cushion is my bank account :rofl:

I shall

Me 16 years from now is gonna be upset lol

mmm mage noms :yum:

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First of all, it’s not my software. I didn’t make it, nor use it. I’ve never liked multiboxing very much.

And secondly, that’s not how any of this works. Software was banned. Not multiboxing. If someone does it without the software, then it’s not illegal.

Sure, it may slow some of them down. But your problem is that you keep saying “multiboxing is gone, because the software was banned.” Which is factually incorrect. Software was banned, not the method of playing. And there are different methods of playing.

The entire point in correcting you is to make sure you’re not spreading misinformation, because people latch onto those phrases and suddenly believe that every single multiboxer they see is bannable from the game. And that’s simply not true.


Going to assume you cannot hardware box. Going off the multiboxing rules from EvE online I will assume Bliz will take that approach. So something like this setup would probably be banable if bliz somehow knew said person was doing this.


but they haven’t

it isn’t as proven in the link above

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Good to know, did not know they said something to clarify this.

Nothings changed, multiboxing is still here…forever.

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you do know they didn’t ban multi boxing right?

I am just curious as to why now they finally are doing this now vs awhile back. I mean, it has been a major complaint for many expansions including Vanilla (although I don’t really remember seeing any back that) . Better late than never though for sure but just curious is all.

Never doubt the power of a zealous minority to thwart that change.

Is it banned though? I got the impression it was just a software thing that allowed other accounts to mirror keystrokes. Which I thought were banned to begin with.

Someone said they are doing it because WF guilds were boxxing classes to bypass the covenant change restriction. And by bypass I mean they were just going to have their class in each covenant.

I don’t work for Blizz though so this is all scuttlebutt.

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Ahhh gotcha. Makes sense. I would guess then that was like the last straw w/ all the other complaints throughout the years.

Someone didn’t read the fine print…

Pvp shenanigans aside. I wonder if blizzard actually took a good long look and how it affected the server economy.

I’ll be honest I was not expecting them to take a stand on it.