I'm confused why some players are upset about the instance cap

It’s not 30 instances a day you dweeb. No one is sitting in a dungeon for 1 hour each dungeon doing 30 hours of Dungeoning… its all about resets. AND it doesnt tackle the problem anyways. IT DOES NOT FIX PATHING.

the fact is this change does very little to hinder bots (despite what blizzard claims) and hurts the little guy more then anything.

its also going to cause mats to cost more money, which again, does little to hinder the heavy farmers and bots, but hurts the little guy.

I just dont understand why a retailer would open a forum post about something he has no idea about than try to argue points against it.

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You don’t have to be hardcore at all to hit the instance limit.

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These “players” who claim to be quitting over 30 lockouts are just gold farmers upset about losing money. They will adapt and figure another hustle in game.


Learn to read, friend.

I play a warrior? What am I farming in dungeons please tell me?

I disagree. I don’t think its relatively easy to hit the cap, nor do I think that statement actually means anything, since its speaking in relative terms. Relative to what? Gold farmers spending 18+ hours in instances a day?

I don’t think players will be that affected by this personally. Nobody is convincing me otherwise yet. I can see how boosters would hit the instance cap, but the solution there is simple. Plan out your gameplay. Stop boosting friends when you need to be farming BiS gear. Or, sacrifice some of your BiS attempts (you likely won’t need THIRTY chances at a drop that often, and a 24 hour wait for another 30 is not really that long imo) in order to power level your friends. Either way, you can still “play the game” plenty, and that’s what people seem to think is a problem.

People don’t like being limited, and I totally get it. Back in the day I used to farm small radiant shards on my rogue. I hated the 5 instances/hour cap. But, I didn’t quit the game over it.


Resets are instances… if you reset the same dungeon 5 times it counts as 5 dungeons. Use your brain

When did I say otherwise?

#Nochanges. There wasn’t 30 dungeon Mobile game cap in vanilla. and Thats the entire point Ronduwil. RESETS COUNT. You dont have to be a no life to reset a dungeon 30 times for something.

I’m not a retailer at all. I have played WoW since the day it came out. I remember I had the stomach flu that day, my father bought it for me to make me feel better, and I’ve been playing it since. You shouldn’t assume things about people. You should try to have polite engaging conversations with them. It goes somewhere sometimes!

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You have single digit post get out my face commie.

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Imagine saying commie, You do nothing but sit on the forums kid. lmao tf

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Well you haven’t proved to me yet that you even play classic Mr. 63 DK.
Let’s assume that you do, you get your Warrior to level 60, you want to farm for SGC and HoJ, the problem? you have to do it incredibly slowly now because Blizzard doesn’t have a clue how to combat bots.

does this seem right?

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Yes. On this account. This has nothing to do with the topic and like I told someone else, you shouldn’t assume things about people.

You say this, but you’re dismissing anyone upset as just, “very hardcore”.


Go boost some Mara runs or something with your gold farming ways.

Please explain to me how 30 instances a day helps exploit pathing? Im waiting.


Nobody makes 30 attempts at loot in a given day. Nobody. Groups disband after one attempt with randoms. Most friends burn out after 2-3. If you can solo, it takes time. I’m just not seeing it.