[Illidan] 433 Mage lf AotC/CE Raiding guild

LF raiding guide, preferably on Illidan.
Can raid any day besides Friday starting at 6m CST until 1130CST.
Contact me on Discord: Enigma#7548

Hi there,

We may not be on illidan, but seems like ur times match up with ours. We are an AOTC/KSM focused team with a bunch of former CE/ServerFirst raiders looking to keep it casual in an adult oriented environment. Please see our info below for contact info of our GM, and hope to see u soon. We have no mages currently and would love to have u…

I’m Part of Current and we are looking to recruit some like minded players that want to stick to a casual Mythic raid schedule. What do I mean by that well we want to have a fun and social environment where we raid Tuesday and Thursday 9pm-12pm est.

You may look into us and see we are a new guild, Most of us are ex hardcore raiders. Our aim is to grab our AOTC and push through mythic content. We are fun loving people with a strive for clearing content in a semi serious manner.

Current progression
9/9N, 5/9H

Discord Tristrem#0363
B net Tristrem#1953

I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon.

Akai Soubi has been an established guild on Uther since Molten Core with multiple server firsts from BC through Cata. Now, we are a primarily Heroic flex raiding guild but maintain our commitment to hard work and excellence. We are looking for like-minded individuals who enjoy being part of a fun, helpful community and have the skills/drive to get the job done! We raid heroics competitively and also have groups going for mythic dungeons (typically evenings/weekends).

Raid schedule:

Pacific Time Zone

Wednesday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Current progress: 9/9 N 2/9 H

To apply:

Please contact Solsti (Btag: Solange#1331, Discord: Solsti#9701).

If our raid times fit your schedule please reach out! I would love to chat :blush:

We aren’t a CE guild, and might consider Mythic once we have the right roster. However wanted to link you our information to read over.

About Us:

Nomen Mortuus is a newer, 21+ semi-hardcore content focused guild that aims to pursue KSH and beyond for our members with the current and future seasons! We are an LGBTQIA+ led guild who are eager to push ourselves to being one of the top rated M+ guilds here on Moon Guard, while maintaining a relaxing and inclusive atmosphere. We are also currently progressing in heroic raiding, and there is potential to open up normal raiding for alt nights as well as casual PvP. We are also looking for socials who just want to hang out, have fun and roleplay! Despite is being more content focused than anything, we still plan on creating both social and content focused events such as transmog nights, key pushing nights, game nights, and future monthly and weekly events such as mythic dungeon races where we can compete in teams of two or more to compete for either fun or for prizes!

Current raid days/times:

Tuesday & Thursday evening 6-9 CST

Previous raid progression:

8/8 Heroic for VOTI

##** Current raid progression**


What we’re looking for:

Key pushers, heroic raiders, and social or RP members. Dedicated players who can take constructive criticism and are eager to push themselves to a higher level of gameplay in a PvE setting. We all enjoy the occasional roast, goofing off in our Discord and guild chat, but at the end of the day we want players who can sit down, get serious, and kill bosses to give us that single, double, or triple chest completion! As we are an LGBT+ led guild, we also do not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying, or hate speech. We aim to create an inclusive, safe environment where people of all walks of life and skill levels will feel comfortable to play the game together.


Being able to take constructive criticism in a PvE setting. We’re not here to make anyone’s life difficult, but players who wish to learn will go a long way. Members will be held to a social standard of the server as a whole! Remember, if you have the Nomen Mortuus guild tag then we will expect you to uphold our values, just like how other guilds will expect the same! We are more than happy to work with you when it comes to executing and learning mechanics if you need help, but only if you yourself are willing to accept it. We also expect that our members will pursue higher content as well outside of raid, such as higher keys. We would prefer to not have raidloggers as we are looking to form a close community that actively pursues PVE content, preferably together.


  • Dram
    Bnet: Duster410#1645
    Discord: Draz#7770
  • Dezi
    Bnet: Glowings#1907
    Discord: Dezi#0303
  • Kozra
    Bnet: Kozra#1260
    Discord: Kozra#9534