Ignored players sending other players to send tells instead

I ran into someone yesterday who I ignored that was paying random players to send me tells for ongoing harassment to avoid the ignore function without doing it directly themselves by logging onto alts; I reported them but I wanted to ask whether or not this is actually against terms of service because I am curious.

It would be a bit concerning if this was not…

It ultimately could be seen as ongoing harassment, yes, but you need to keep ignoring, not responding, and report. Ongoing harassment takes a long time to prove.


I logged off after reporting so I don’t know if they continued. I know that they were dodging the ignore function and the player sending a tell for them confirmed it (I asked if they were the player I ignored, and they basically told me it was nothing personal and they were paid gold by them to send me the message).

I did not send any tells to the player in question or encourage the player to send any messages back or anything like that. I didn’t respond in any way, I just reported. I don’t really care if the player dodging the ignore function in this case is punished per se but I hope that this kind of thing isn’t casually tolerated.

If it’s a one time instance of dodging the ignore function and sending players to send me messages, should I even bother reporting it? I doubt I’ll run into them again, but they will probably do this to other players.

Never hurts to report something like this - nor is it wise for a player to relay a message like that.


You should definitely report it


Thank you!