Ignore Player

That’s great, now I’ll know who’s the alt of somebody else.

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This is fantastic news. Could have happened around 15 years ago tho.


Actually kinda weird it wasn’t implemented that way to begin with. Definitely a step in the right direction.


Very nice change if this is coming.

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Source of this please.

Today’s PTR Notes:

  • Improved Chat Reporting Feedback
    • /ignore now blocks all characters on the ignored player’s WoW account.
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I will not be silenced! O wait i dont post on alts…


Thanks you .

It says in chat . So I’m thinking in game . Does it say forums also or are people just assuming that ?

Maybe its just the ones with terrible reading comprehension like me

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lol, it’s just in-game. Although, I’m trying to figure out how exactly it’s different from the current system, because I could have sworn that’s exactly what the current system does already: puts everyone on the ignored player’s account on ignore, just only for the character you’re playing on.

Maybe they’re adding account-wide ignore lists? Or maybe they’re not letting players delete toons to bypass being on ignore anymore?

I’m a bit confused tbh

I kind of am too. I thought that if I ignore someone on Mirasol here, it means nobody on that game license can contact, group with, or mail Mirasol. If I switch chars, I have to ignore them again.

What changed?

If they made it so that when I switch chars they are still ignored that is great, but I am not sure I read it that way.

Ah - and update.

It worked to ignore chars on that realm. So now it ignores all of them, not just the realm.

You still have to re-ignore them on each char, but this is an improvement.


Ah, okay. That was a bit weird before, then. This is definitely better.

Thanks for letting us know!

Honestly I just found out! One of the Forum Support Agents answered it for the CS/TS MVPs.

I appreciated the clarification. It was rather confusing.

Oh its not here yet, well I’ll be interested to know when I ignore X if I magically see W, Y and Z also get automatically ignored. Lol.

OK, this is not what I asked for. I am asking to ignore all characters of a person wherever they are. On all my characters. I always believed that the current Ignore meant Ignore them across the game, so the improvement is simply to make it everywhere, but I still need to Ignore on other characters of mine?

What the hell…

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This is inspiring!

Now if only we could get it baseline on the forums.

Well, yes. It is an improvement, but not a complete fix.

  • Old: Mirasol ignores Kneeshooter - it only applied to chars on the same server with Mirasol.
  • New: Mirasol ignores Kneeshooter and it applies to ALL characters on Kneeshooter’s license no matter what realm.

I understand that, but I assumed in the past that Ignore meant game wide. I cannot recall ever reading anywhere that Ignore only ignored characters on one realm. I mean, why would that even be the case when people can create characters anywhere in their region?

My Global Ignore add on frankly does a better job.

PS: No limitations mentioned here, for example.

Ignoring Players in World of Warcraft - Blizzard Support (battle.net)

Yeah I had no idea it was not account wide either - until this “update”. I was not aware of the realm restrictions. I mean, it makes sense because cross realm was not a thing when it was implemented, but they should have done something about that long ago.

Yeah I guess but its still a bit of a halfassed fix if its so. And the fact that the post just mentions chat threw me a bit, as in " Improved Chat Reporting Feedback". Because obviously you report people during all sorts of game activity, not just involving someone saying something bad in chat somewhere.

Ah well, I was excited for a minute thinking my 10 year wish had been fulfilled. sigh